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125: Healing Energy, Yew Trees, Cepia Costa Rica with Shawna Peters


Harnessing Your Healing Energy, What’s a Yew Tree, and learning about the non-profit Cepia Costa Rica: Shawna started out in very mind-oriented therapy, with a Master of Arts in Counselling, but life had other plans. Her body began to speak so loudly through a number of diagnoses and symptoms, that after years of suffering, she…

124: Confidence is like Deodorant with Dr. Megan Cannon


Apply Your Confidence Every Day, Co-Host Return of Dr. Megan Cannon Ph.D.: Catching up with Megan Cannon and recording live at their Mind of the Athlete offices in Bethlehem, PA. Talking Psychology, Mindfulness, Confidence like Deodorant, Balancing Your 6 Domains for Life Balance, plus the power of our Top 3 Wins! On This Episode You…

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110: Lung Collapses, Supplements, and Body Epiphanies Mindset with Brandon Trean


Our Body Epiphanies & Resilient Mindset Co-Host: Brandon Trean was homeschooled most of his entire life by two awesome parents. He had wild health issues from mercury intoxication, to 8 lung collapses (one he almost died from laughing to death and had his life flash before his eyes). A year of throwing up nearly every…

109: Become FitPro Heroes with The Real AJ Rivera


Your Creator and Influencer of FitPro Heroes Co-Host Today: AJ Rivera grew up in Chicago always interested in the fitness industry. After being a personal fitness trainer he went on to owning multiple studios himself. As a result of helping numerous clients, he developed a repeatable system that he now teaches to personal trainers and…

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106: How to Lose 200 lbs with My Sugar Free Journey


Your Sugar-Free Weight Loss Transformation Co-Host: After turning 40 years old and realizing his health was in serious trouble, our co-host decided to make some changes. He was over 400 lbs and had a blood pressure of 200/160. After some trial and error, Aarn Farmer experimented with not eating sugar, saying no to sugar or grains, and…

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102: Stroke + Cancer Triggered Entrepreneurship to Online Virtual Fitness Trainer


Your Online Virtual Fitness Trainer: Your co-host has been a trainer for over a decade working with over 800 people to help transform their lives, their vitality, and their mindset to accomplish their dreams. He’s got a degree in pre-med/pre-pharm and dual-certified in exercise science and sports medicine. Jeff is also a lifestyle and wellness…

099: Adrenal Fatigue and our US Sickcare System with Dr. Phil Carson


Your Co-Host is the Holistic Health Architect and Founder of Carson Natural Talking Adrenal Fatigue and more: We talk today about Adrenal Fatigue, our “US Sickcare System”, healthy natural lifestyle practices. providing insights and natural therapies that allow you to experience a lifestyle of balance and vitality. Through a holistic approach to optimizing your total…

097: Tips & Tricks for Health, Business, & Lifestyle with Host, Scott Mulvaney


Healthy Business and Lifestyle Tips and Tricks: As your host and founder of LIVETHEFUEL, I’m honored to create this first episode where I answer our Listeners and Followers questions. We answer some quick questions on Health, Business, and Lifestyle on this shorter episode. Get out and #donate here at @miller_keystone #Blood Center or your own…

096: Olympic Conditioning & Fixing CrossFit Jump Rope with Buddy Lee


Your Olympic Level Co-Host is an Expert on Jump Rope Technique: A US Olympian in Greco Roman Wrestling, 10X World Medalist, and 20X National Wrestling Champion, Buddy Lee has fashioned a worldwide reputation with his incredible jump rope training system. Jump rope was the key to his success in developing into an Olympic athlete. Buddy has…

094: Taekwon-do, CrossFit, and UltraRunning with Olympian Jump Ropes


Your Jump Ropes Co-Host Increasing Athletic Performance: Today’s Jump Ropes loving co-host is a believer, husband, father, TKD black belt, Level 2 Buddy Lee certified jump rope trainer, CrossFit junkie, and he’s just happy to be here. Chris Rawlins is a recovering Ultrarunner and a CrossFit Athlete for past 3 years. He’s embarking on a…


126: Corporate to the Simple Firefighting Life and Vulnerability with Lori Rochino


Our mutual podcast launch of this interview on the power of vulnerability with Lori on her Simply Designed Life Podcast: On this episode, I’m actually getting interviewed by Lori Rochino for her Simply Designed Life Podcast. So we decided to do our first mutual or dual launch of the episode on her show as well…

123: Get Amped with Active Duty Navy, Turned 7 Figure Entrepreneur Douglas James


Today’s Amped Local, fellow THRIVE 2017 Attendee, Billion Dollar Body member, and Navy Man Co-Host: Your guest co-host today is the power of networking at the 2017 THRIVE: Make Money Matter event in Las Vegas. We got connected thanks to the Billion Dollar Body team and through the power of like-minded thinkers. His online company Amped Local…

120: Gambling Mistakes, Video Marketing, and Taking Action with Rohan Kale


From Gambling Debt to a Video Marketing Success Co-Host: Living in India was not an option anymore. I had lost all my saving and had to borrow money from my parents because I lost in all in gambling. I wanted to take a shortcut and earn a quick buck because I was extremely disappointed with…

117: Podcast Junkies at MAPCON with Speaker Harry Duran


Welcome founder of FullCast and Podcast Junkies and Today’s Co-Host: We reconnect with Harry Duran from our mutual speaking engagements at the 2017 MAPCON event. He’s the Founder of FullCast, a full-service, done-for-you podcast production, and marketing consultancy. He helps 6-figure entrepreneurs amplify their authority and extend their reach through the power of podcasting. As Host…

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115: Nearly Bankrupt Twice, Ghostwriting, and Legal Nurse Businesses


2x Bankruptcy Recovery, Ghostwriting, and the world of Legal Nurse Businesses: Pat Iyer understands financial struggles. She went from near bankruptcy (twice) to becoming a millionaire. She shares her inspiring story with others. She is a nurse entrepreneur who successfully sold her legal nurse consulting business and is now a ghostwriter, coaching, and author. You’re…

113: The ReInvestors, THRIVE, Isagenix, and #GoBigToGiveBig


Connecting with the ReInvestors’ Randy Molland and THRIVE Make Money Matter in Las Vegas:   After losing a brother at the age of 3, Randy and his family became very passionate about the saying “Family means more than money”. His father gave up the company he created and decided he was more dedicated to being…

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112: Diverse Co-Hosts Fun, even Dave Jackson at MAPCON 2017!


Multiple Co-Hosts and Crazy Fun Topics from MAPCON 2017: Hilarious good times and multiple co-hosts who drop in live during this recording while we closed out the MAPCON 2017 event outside of Philadelphia, PA. We recorded over two hours of nonstop content from multiple guests dropping in with us at the afterparty of the Mid-Atlantic…

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111: Former Firefighting MortgagePreneur with Shane Kidwell


Injured Firefighter Turned MortgagePreneur Co-Host: Our co-host today was a professional firefighter for 12 years. Shane Kidwell worked at the busiest station on the west coast. While working in his dream job, he was injured and left with chronic back pain. That lifestyle transition helped him realize that he needed something to fall back on. So…

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105: They Ask, You Answer with The Passionate Sales Lion


A Passionate and Interactive Co-Host, The Sales Lion Himself: Our co-host today has been called a “web marketing guru” by the New York Times. The Story of how he was able to save his swimming pool company, River Pools, from the economic crash of 2008 has been featured in multiple books, publications, and stories around the…

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104: Attend THRIVE: Make Money Matter in Las Vegas


Your THRIVE: Make Money Matter Co-Host: Besides being the event founder, our co-host today is about helping us also understand how to “Make Life Matter”. Who Is Cole Hatter: Growing up I always knew I wanted to do something important with my life. I did not want to sneak through life unnoticed and arrive at…

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122: Curate Your Life with Concierge Guru Sarah Dandashy


An Award-Winning Travel Influencer and Today’s Concierge Co-Host: She won the title of Best Young Concierge in the world in 2015 from Les Clefs d’Or International–the international professional organization of concierge. Along with hotel brands, from The Peninsula, Four Seasons, and Fairmont Hotels, she also works with big brands within the travel realm, Trip Advisor,…

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121: 20 Year Hiatus? No Problem for the DancePreneur!


Welcome a Powerful DancePreneur Transformation with Co-Host Annett Bone: Annett Bone is the founder and host of The DancePreneuring Studio podcast where she guides her listeners on a journey of transformation inspired by dance, life, and business. The podcast is a reflection of her personal adventure overcoming her fears and returning to her passion for dance after…

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119: Self-Fulfillment Coach, THRIVE, Vegas Shooting Debrief with Stefano Ganddini


Self-Fulfillment in Life, Your Thriving Coach, and a Co-Host Debrief, After the Vegas Mass Shooting: Stefano Ganddini is a Self-Fulfillment Coach, Speaker, Writer, and Lifestyle Entrepreneur. He helps people find & do the work they were BORN to do so that they can live authentic, fulfilling, and purpose-driven lives. We had the honor and pleasure…

118: Making Money Matter with Academy of Skiing Scot Chrisman


Academy of Skiing Creator and Today’s Co-Host: I had the honor of meeting this episodes co-host, in person at this years, 2017 THRIVE: Make Money Matter event. We can thank our mutual connection with one of the event’s sponsors, The Billion Dollar Body community. Enough about our event networking, let’s learn about today’s co-host! I’ve been…

116: Live from Germany, The Coaching Journal with Katy Trost


Our Location Freedom, Coaching Journal Co-Host, LIVE from Germany: Welcome our newest podcast co-host recording LIVE from Germany before her big move to New York City! Katy Trost is a certified coach specialized in eliminating stress, burnout and achievement addiction and helping leaders discover higher levels of fulfillment and happiness. She’s been location independent since…

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114: Making a Swimming Difference with Nica Nadadores


Who/What/Why Your Nica Nadadores Swimming Co-Hosts: Our Mission: To use the sport of swimming as a tool to empower the next generation of leaders in under-served communities in Nicaragua. Our Core Values: 1. Leadership 2. Self Improvement 3. Big Dreams Our Program: Nica Nadadores is a swim team, youth development and empowerment program, community service…

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108: Men of Abundance Wally Carmichael


Your Co-Host today helps other men become Men of Abundance: A husband, father, retired Army Medic, Department of the Army Operations Specialist and Podcast Host of the Men of Abundance Podcast. He was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona and joined the Army to travel the World and to escape what was clearly a destructive…

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107: Villa Cappelli Olive Oil & Eat Happy Sweepstakes!


Welcome your purest Olive Oil Co-Hosts plus a Sweepstakes!: It’s time to learn about your world class olive oil experts and today’s co-hosts of the LIVETHEFUEL Podcast! Let’s also learn how to win the $700 Eat Happy Sweepstakes! Hi, we’re Paul Cappelli and Steven Crutchfield from Villa Cappelli. We’ve been sharing our love of all…

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103: Whitewater Rafting and Taking the Good Out of Life


Your Host’s Latest Adventure on Whitewater Rafting: Finding new ways for “Taking the Good Out of Life” while Whitewater Rafting this past weekend. We attended a dam release from the Lehigh Gorge and rafted 12+ miles down the Lehigh River in Northeastern Pennsylvania.   On This Episode You Will Hear: Intro Garmin watch, fitness apps,…

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100: Our 100th Episode and Killington Downhill Mountain Biking


Downhill Mountain Biking & Our 100th Podcast Episode in Killington, Vermont: I decided to record my 100th episode while on vacation here in Killington, VT! We are up here for an epic bachelor party event with my good friend Jared. The bonus, is we are ripping some epic downhill mountain biking trails along with some…