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With a strong desire to make a difference to the people around him, Wayne Altman has worn many hats during his 54 years of life on planet Earth. Born in California but raised in Texas, Wayne grew up knowing he wanted to serve others. U.S. Army Veteran, Death Row Correctional Officer, Corporate Sales Trainer, and Author of 6 books on Mortgage and Credit. He currently owns multiple (14) online businesses all designed to enrich the lives of his customers and his community.

His latest business is Melody Clouds a subscription relaxation website and app. With 8000 hours of Solfeggio, Binaural Beats, Guided Meditation, and 17,000 + Audiobooks all designed to relax and educate its subscribers at a price point other services just will not touch. Wayne has determined that the healing and beneficial effects of this technology should be available to everyone who wants it. So, Melody Clouds is translated into over 100 different languages, and its membership spans across the globe. 


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05:20 – I really wish I had been introduced to this 20 years ago as it would have saved me a lot of suffering. I suffer from a condition called tinnitus and it is a ringing in the ear. I maintain that condition and it was caused by eight years in the US Army, 

12:00 – One of the things I try to get across the people every time I talked to them is that they need to guard their hearing. Some of the concussive sounds that I have heard in the Army with no hearing protection on the market would have helped or would have protected it to that degree. Did you know that I get letters every single week from dentists who are working on teeth and they were getting negative impacts from how the drills are resonating.

23:10 – I love most music, we all love to listen to whatever type of music it is we listen to. That is really the whole reason that we did Melody Clouds and put it together the way that we did. Once I was able to figure out, okay, this is how binaural beats work. Let’s find out what other problems that binaural beats will help solve. 

32:30 – The way that we’ve done it is I put all the binaural beats in a solfeggio and the guided meditations in one section. People who like binaural beats, they like the guided meditations and solfeggio has worked for them as well. They’re familiar with it, and they know how that works. Now, the one thing I did was, add images, all of the images in Melody Clouds are award winning art and award winning photography. 

45:15 – That is our philosophy as well, because in the next month or two, we will have 8000 episodes of old time radio. So this is how that ties in. Instead of you sitting in front of a TV and watching a story, those radio programs, this required imagination, this will require you to think and visualize it yourself. So rather than being overwhelmed by all the visual and the sounds from a VR headset, which is becoming a problem, and it’s the opposite of relaxation for people.

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When someone sincerely asks me for help, I try very hard to be present for that and to do what I can to further someone else’s goals. I do that because of the negativity that sometimes surrounds projects that I wanted, the people that are closest to us oftentimes are the ones that are the are naysayers. Don’t do this because other people are doing it. I look back at some very good advice that I was given. Every restaurant in the United States has a hamburger on the menu. That doesn’t stop McDonald’s, Burger King, In N Out, and Five Guys, along with other hamburger only restaurants. The bottom line, what I would say to people, is you don’t hear no, don’t ever hear no, hear not now, you’re not yet ready. But don’t hear no. If you want to do something, do it, do that thing, and do it well. Do it in the best way you possibly can. That’s what we really try to do with Melody Clouds. We stand on that.


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