A Healthy Mindset with WeShape

A Healthy Mindset with WeShape

On Today’s Episode With Tyler of WeShape, He Reminds Us Of The Power Of A Healthy Mindset, Mindfulness, Self-Worth, And More:

Co-Founders, Katie and Tyler Bramlett started WeShape with the intention of advocating for women to stop focusing on the number on the scale and instead put their energy and efforts towards a more meaningful intention such as movement, rest, and a deeper connection with self. Their entire company and product is rooted in intention, movement, community, and beliefs. They have a passion for bringing awareness to the toxic expectations placed on women in the fitness industry, as well as the often overshadowed, yet pivotal roles women play in business and entrepreneurship.

Quote: “A Disciplined Mind Leads To Happiness, And An Undisciplined Mind Leads To Suffering ~ Dalai Lama


Today’s Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. Mindfulness Intention
  2. Self-Worth
  3. Feel Good Challenges every 6 weeks.


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Timestamped Show Notes:

05:15 – How do we give them the tools to go from unconsciously working out, like mindlessly exercising, it’s the hammering away on the treadmill, while you’re watching an episode of Oprah. Hitting the machines and not really dropping into your body or really experiencing movement. How do you actually learn how to mindfully move your body from the intention of wanting to care for your body, not from the intention of wanting to change the way you look? So you can get external validation and feel good about yourself? Right. So that’s kind of how we got to here!

10:40 – I also think that if you surround yourself with people who are all stuck in the same toxic mindset, then you end up complaining and circulating in that mindset. It’s interesting to me, one of the things that we discovered early on about community was, it is one of the greatest predictors to overall longevity. In fact, I think it was Wendy Suzuki is a neuroscientist that said that it was the number one predictor of longevity is the amount of positive connections you have with other people. 

14:30 – I feel like this is something I’ve become really aware of. It’s funny because Katie was the one who came up with this intention as the business was, how do we change people? How do we bring awareness to this toxic weight loss culture we’re stuck in, which is like, do this crash diet, do this workout, do this whatever, and you’ll lose weight and you’ll feel better about yourself. We just said it like a little bit ago, you’ll lose weight, but you won’t feel better about yourself.

23:30 – The goal is just to get people rallied up and consistent. We go over these topics of intention, movement, beliefs, community with them and really dive deep into them. It really changes a lot of people’s lives. What’s really interesting to me about these challenges, is that when people come together in a community, and one person is willing to raise their hand and share, like, Hey, I’m really struggling with this. 

34:15 – I think people struggle with that. But again, I think this comes down to that self-worth and I think where we can really differentiate ourselves as a brand is that WeShape isn’t focused on body transformation, losing weight, and all this different stuff. We’re trying to bring to someone’s attention that hey, look at all the magazines and all the internet stuff everything is basically making you feel shitty about yourself. We’re shaping a new way, we’re trying to change the way we’re approaching us. All that stuff out there is making you feel shitty so that you buy their stuff.

40:45 – The mindset work, the psychological work, that is something that we personally have to take accountability for. You have to have a personal accountability and investment yourself. 

58:00 – I want them to stop getting stuck in these toxic weight loss cycles. Stop getting stuck in these exercise programs and diets and all this crap and start learning how to appreciate themselves. Teach them to connect with themselves and show up with better intentions and lean into a community who can support them through that.

59:20 – Final Words


Our Final Words of the Show:

I think what I want to stand for is just showing people that it starts with their opinion of themselves. What you believe about yourself, is what you will do with your life. If you believe that you’re worthless, and you know you’re a failure, and you can’t do all of these things, then there you go. That’s the life that you’re gonna end up creating for yourself. You can believe whatever you want. So you can believe and see all of these positive things about yourself. You can keep training that belief and holding that belief as truth and fortifying that belief through your actions to build it into truth. So that will become your life. It’s just your choice what you want to believe.


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