I am not Aerodynamic with Scott King #NSNG

I am not Aerodynamic with Scott King #NSNG

300lbs Released, Not Aerodynamic, Yet, but a Hell of a Redesign:

My name is Scott King 46 years old. Huge all my life. In 2006 I had gastric bypass. Day of surgery I was 552lbs. Lost weight but as these surgeries seem to go I gained all my weight back. I tried to have gastric again and was denied. I heard Vinnie Tortorich on the Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew show and as a last ditch effort I tried NSNG. I have lost 300lbs from it. Never been healthier. I have set my unicorn of all goals and that’s the Ironman Texas in 2025. I hope this journey inspires the hopeless to take a change and encourage others.

Quote: Less of me with NSNG


Today’s Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. Kitchen vs the gym.
  2. Healthy lifestyle choices vs surgical band-aids.
  3. NSNG Lifestyle vs a crash diet.


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Timestamped Show Notes:

04:40 – I’ve always been a strong swimmer. But as I got into triathlon training, I realized I was actually a strong floater, and I wasn’t the strongest swimmer. That is, I was very buoyant and so I mistakenly thought that meant I was a good swimmer. That was a whole entire different beast and my first try was a pool swim, a short one, then you go into open water swim. That’s a whole different animal too now that you got currents to deal with, even in a small body of water. It’ll expose every flaw or weakness you have in any technique.

17:30 – I’m going to build up to that Ironman level of training. But with that comes incredible expenses. entry fees, all of that stuff. I mean, just simple stuff like hydration, nutrition, and that sort of thing. Buying shoes, because I’m a big guy, I wear out shoes, bicycle stuff, everything has a huge expense. Let’s not forget I have three daughters. I’ve told Vinnie before I live in a trickle down economic system in my house, nothing trickles down to Dad, I’m the afterthought.

24:15 – I had gastric bypass back in 2006 and I lost a good chunk of weight. Like a lot of people though, I started putting the weight back on. Roughly, around 2016-17, I was pretty much back exactly to where I was when I had gastric bypass beforehand. So I’ve tried to have gastric bypass again, because oddly enough, and I say this in quotations if you can get both or whatever. It was the only thing that ever worked for me. Which is kind of ironic because I’m trying to have it again because it didn’t work for me.

26:00 – So I downloaded a PDF, just saying screw it, I gotta check this No Sugar No Grains out. It was a simple list of don’t do this, don’t do that. I’m married, so I get this list, I’m pretty good at it, but I still didn’t do anything about it. But one day, we were out front in the front yard. At the time, my two and a half year old daughter ran out to the street. I’ll stop right now, nothing bad happened, because it’s a very quiet street, but she was already in the road before I can even get out of the chair to get to help her. Once I was out of the chair, I couldn’t catch up with her. I was that horribly out of shape and it killed me. Knowing that I could not perform the most basic function of protecting my child, because my health was that poor. So I just told myself, I gotta give this NSNG a try. 

27:20 – I thought in, my head, that I was 450 pounds. After I started to lose weight. I started cleaning out my closet one day, and I realized I was wearing the exact same size clothing I was when I had my gastric bypass surgery now as a size 62 pant and in roughly a 7x shirt!

38:20 – I’ve learned how my personality works, I need to have a goal. When I have a goal, I am really dedicated to my training, my eating, and everything like that. So that’s when I announced it. So I paint myself into a corner and not like, do everything I can not to look like an idiot, if I just kept it to myself, or finally put myself down. I am looking to gain support down the road from companies. I’m not trying to get any of the glory out of this whatsoever, I can care less about that. But I know what it’s like man to be so hopeless. I don’t feel like anyone else has been more hopeless than what I felt, so I want to use this platform and this journey, going into this Ironman dream. All to spread the awareness of an event and our NSNG Lifestyle to just let other people know that you can too. I’m nobody special. 

55:00 – We were taking my mother to the airport and the reason why she would get upset upon leaving was because she didn’t think she was gonna see me alive again. That’s a punch to the heart and how I felt, my health was so poor that I couldn’t protect my kid. My selfish decisions were so bad with my health. My selfish decisions with eating were also destroying my parents inside. They just didn’t couldn’t tell me, they didn’t know how to tell me. So just that lifestyle is just really hurting so many people I loved. It’s hard to tell, but it’s hard for them to tell me, but I found that to be a really, really, really powerful thing when she finally told me that.

01:25:10 – Final Words


Our Final Words of the Show:

I would just like to let people know that you’re better and you’re stronger than you think you are. You just need to find that why.


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