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252: Bodybuilding, LCHF, and Transforming Your Life At Any Age!


Bodybuilding Success, Transforming Your Life At Any Age, LCHF, and much more on this Health Podcast with Dr. Mimi Secor: Dr. Mimi Secor, Nurse Practitioner – is a National Speaker/ Educator/Entrepreneur, a #1 International Best-selling Author, and a Health and Fitness Advocate. She has worked for 42 years as a Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in…

248: Building Biology, Healthy, & Wholesome Houses


A Huge Healthy House Welcome To Our First Healthy Home Strategist. Courtney Is a Health Coach For Your House Because Wellness Begins In Wholesome Houses: Our Wholesome Houses Co-Host is a healthy housing strategist, real estate investor, and concerned wife and mom.  In addition to consulting others on household health, she is also designing her own radically…

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246: Health Symptoms and Triggers with your Body Whisperer


Are You Listening To Your Health Symptoms and Triggers with the Body Whisperer: Christine Lang aka The Body Whisperer, is a medical intuitive, with the ability to see a person’s energy and hear her spirit! During private sessions Christine acts as a translator for a person’s spirit, allowing each person to receive guidance on how…

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244: Diet Challenges, Gut Health, Food Plate Drama


Food Drama and Learning To Stock To Your Diet and Healthy Lifestyle: Erin Wathen (WATH- EN) is a holistic health coach, food abuse counselor, and the inspiring author of Why Can’t I Stick to My Diet?: How To End The Food Drama. Her philosophy, simply put: Health isn’t a number on the scale or how often we exercise,…

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241: Inflammation, Disease, BioTe Hormones, and Integrative Medicine


A Healthy Podcast on Inflammation, Disease, BioTe Hormones, Gut Health, Microbiome, Integrative Medicine, and More:   Stephanie Gray, DNP, MS, ARNP, ANP-C, GNP-C, ABAAHP, FAARFM, is a functional medicine provider who helps men and women build sustainable and optimal health and longevity so that they can focus on what matters most to them! She has…

239: Energy, Flow, Psychology, and the Running Lifestyle


Today we discuss Flow State, High Energy, Millionaire Mindset Reconnection, and the Running Lifestyle Podcast:   Kari Gormley is a facilitator, certified Bounce Back Better trainer, flourishing coach, and positive psychology practitioner who works with individuals and organizations to bring to light the best versions of themselves. She believes that people can flourish through more…

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237: Colorado Life, Chiro, Leaky Gut, and Inflammation


Alternative Medicine, Colorado, Leaky Gut, Paleo, Vegan, Inflammation, and Athletic Performance:   Dr. Ann-Marie Barter is a chiropractor and functional medicine practitioner who serves Denver, Niwot, Longmont, Boulder, Lyons, Louisville, Lafayette and the surrounding communities in the Denver Metro Area.denver longmont chiropractor ann barter Ann-Marie graduated from the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon,…

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229: Athlete Injury Recovery and Mindset


Today We Discuss Injury Recovery and Our Athlete Mindset with Dr. Megan:   Today we dig into the Injury Recovery Mindset necessary for the athlete, along as for the everyday man/woman. We also tie this to Scott’s four-legged best friend, son, and pup, Calvin The Coonhound. Calvin has recently undergone an amputation surgery to save…

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228: Dr. Jay’s Carnivore Diet Study & Telomeres


Dr. Anthony Jay Returns To Talk About The Carnivore Diet and His Carnivore Study:   Are you a true Carnivore, are you ready to commit to a 100% Carnivore Study?! Dr. Anthony G. Jay PhD returns for another health podcast episode. He’s definitely a healthy influencer when it comes to DNA, genetic research, and the ability…

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221: Beyond Concussion, Mental Game, No Sugar, Vision


Today we up your Mental Game and Provide you a Healthy Vision for your Future with Dr. John DeWitt and The Mission Beyond Concussion:   Dr. DeWitt is a Vanderbilt University graduate who earned a full athletic scholarship after his first semester. He went on to become the starting defensive end for the next four…

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253: Add A Bet, Pavlok, Habits Coaching for Entrepreneurs


Improve Your Habits, Level Up Your Coaching, and Add A Bet with Pavlok Founder and Author, Maneesh Sethi: Maneesh Sethi is the founder of Pavlok — the wearable device that uses electric shock to help you break bad habits. Plagued by attention and focus issues his entire life, Maneesh decided to invent a technology to…

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251: Working in Chiang Mai and Smart Brand Marketing


World Travel, Working Overseas, Chang Mai Life, Online Marketing and Podcasting with Tom Libelt: TOM LIBELT learned from a young age how to sell and negotiate business by getting haggled by Russian vendors. His family moved from Poland to the US to escape communism, and his parents took any job they could to survive. Seeing all this…

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249: Grow Your Podcast & Attend Growth Now Movement


Attend the Growth Now Movement LIVE and Grow Your Podcast with our co-host, Justin Schenck! Justin has been named a Top 8 Podcaster to watch in 2018 by INC.com and chosen as an ‘Icon of Influence’ in the new media space. What started out as a way to connect with top people and inspire others has become…

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245: Influencer Growth and Podcasting with Interview Valet


Getting Connected With The Interview Valet for Podcasting, Tom Schwab:   Tom Schwab, the founder of Interview Valet, knows how to build an online business. Marketing at its heart is starting a conversation with someone who could be an ideal customer. Drawing on his engineering, corporate, and e-commerce inbound marketing experience, Tom helps thought leaders (coaches, authors,…

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243: New Years 2019 Mindset Evolution


Are You Ready For Your Own Evolution In This New Year 2019?! Here’s a little more about your Evolution Co-Host today. He is an Author, Speaker, Founder & CEO of You Evolving Now, LLC; it’s Andre Young’s mission is to impact lives and relationships of men and women everywhere; allowing YOU to live the life…

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240: Rapid Transformation, Flow State Strengths, Breakthrough Healing


Author, Speaker, Executive Coach, Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapist, Michele Molitor is our newest Guest Co-Host:   It’s time for some rapid transformation. Michele is the founder and CEO of Nectar Consulting Inc., and co-author of the best-selling book “Breakthrough Healing”. She works with executives and entrepreneurs bringing over 25 years of experience, intuitive insights and strategic business savvy to…

235: No Alcohol Entrepreneurs, Contentment, and Blue Blockers


Do you live with Contentment? Have you consider quitting alcohol to crush your success?! We catch up with James Swanwick of Swanwick Sleep and his amazing Blue Blocker Glasses!   James Swanwick is an Australian-American investor, entrepreneur, speaker, former SportsCenter anchor on ESPN and host of The James Swanwick Show podcast. He is the CEO…

234: Hotshots, Book Writing, and Self-Publishing School


Our Part III One-On-One Holiday Episodes, Catching You Up on the Hotshots Book Project:   Scott Mulvaney is your host and founder of the LIVETHEFUEL Podcast Show as well as a former member of the Hotshots world. This show launched September 2016. He’s your CEO aka Chief intrEpid Officer of the LIVETHEFUEL lifestyle brand and…

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230: Getting Success, Wise, & the 1-Page Marketing Plan


Time to build Success and get Wise with the 1-Page Marketing Plan and much more with Allan Dib, today’s newest co-host:   Globally Recognized Marketing Expert | Bestselling Author Allan Dib has made it his life’s work to provide a framework for marketing small businesses. He’s proof that you don’t need a degree from a…

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226: The Masculine vs Feminine and The Communication Code


Balancing The Masculine vs Feminine, the Communication Code:   Mary is here to discuss the power of the Communication Code. She is also the author of Conscious Communications for Harnessing The Power of Your Words. She is an expert in personal development but is not a life coach; she’s a businesswoman who discovered a road…

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254: Selfless vs Selfish, Chasing Dreams and Healthy Lifestyle Balance


Are you Chasing Your Dreams? Listen in to learn some value around committing to a Healthy Lifestyle Balance and much more! Aimee J., the host of the Chasing Dreams Podcast, has a unique background that enables her to speak from a perspective rarely seen in others. What began as a career in computer engineering, soon…

250: My 250th Podcast, My Collapsed Lung Surgery, and Hospital Health Tips


Scott’s Collapsed His Left Lung and Discusses His Surgery from his Spontaneous Pneumothorax for our 250th Podcast Episode: There’s more to Scott than just his recent health injury scare with his collapsed lung aka Spontaneous Pneumothorax. Scott Mulvaney has a higher purpose to inspire you to LIVETHEFUEL! His Podcast Show is to help “FUEL Your…

247: Media & Podcasting Concierge Lifestyle


Listen in to this awesome Lifestyle Podcast with Ginni Saraswati of Ginni Media and The Ginni Show: Ginni is an award-winning journalist known to stun many a person with her quick-witted introductions and on-air antics. She left Paula Abdul in a laughing fit and Havana Brown choking! She has interviewed them all, from k.d. lang,…

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242: Ra Optics, The Light Diet, Avoid EMF, and Have Faith


Today’s New Guest Co-Host Discusses Healthy Lifestyle, Ra The Sun God, Blue Blocker Glasses, The Light Diet, Avoiding EMF, and Reminds Us To Have Faith:   “Matt Maruca is a student, entrepreneur, and teacher of optimal human health, and the Founder of Ra Optics, his first company to share information and create products that teach…

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238: Holiday Appreciation, John Hudson Dilgen, and StreetCorner Gourmets


John Hudson Dilgen’s New Home, Tunnel 2 Towers Foundation, and Mary Lanning of StreetCorner Gourmets, YES! Solutions:   This podcast episode was recorded LIVE at Scott’s personal garage aka This Old Garage project. Repeat co-host Brian Strauser of The Strauser Project has returned! He continues to go through exciting transformations in life, business, and more.…

236: The LionHeart and Burn Your Couch


Time To Burn Your Couch with LionHeart Radio’s Rick Alexander!   Rick is a writer, speaker and performance coach. He’s also the author of Burn Your Couch available on Amazon! As an ex-special operations veteran and ultra-endurance athlete, Rick crafts content to help lead people through adversity and into a life of meaning. You can…

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233: Our Calvin The Coonhound Battles Cancer


A Special Holiday Part II Podcast for Calvin The Coonhound Beating Cancer:   Tune in for a special holiday podcast catching you up on our ailing Calvin The Coonhound. Calvin is our English Redtick Coonhound, 10 years old, battled Cancer, became a tripod, and now has been battling partial renal failure from the tripod leg…

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232: Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving & NY Charities


A Happy Thanksgiving Charities Themed Podcast Today:   Happy Thanksgiving and a whole lot of charity work on this cold and thankful holiday in New York.  Your host, Scott, shares this year’s charities and support messages to be thankful this season. Special shoutouts to Tunnel 2 Towers with the Stephen Siller Foundation. Another shoutout to…

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231: Inspiring Your Superior Self, Baltimore, and Blue Collar Life


Baltimore Resident, Blue Collar Influencer, Inspiring Your Superior Self:   Host of Your Superior Self, Trey Downes is a thirty-something-year-old dad of three living in the suburbs of Baltimore, MD. His wife, Marisa, is a labor and delivery nurse and together they are striving, like most working-class families, to find happiness and balance. Growing up in a…

227: Create The Space & Get Your Dream Life


Today We Learn To Create The Space with Guest Co-Host Denise Walsh:   Can you create space in your life for more balance to get your dream life? Denise Walsh has helped over a million people find their purpose and fulfill on their god-given destiny. She started her career by working with families at a local mental health agency…

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