Brand Ownership, Emails, CRM, Online Scheduling, and Funnels

Chuck is back, Brand Ownership, Emails, CRM, Online Scheduling, and Funnels

Chuck is back for a return appearance and we dig into the successes of CRM’s that pair with their weaknesses, Sales Funnels, and much more.

Charles Max Wood is a coach and podcast host at Top End Devs. He’s building a system to help developers advance their careers by building their skills, personal brands, and networks. He’s been podcasting about programming since 2008. He lives in Utah with his wife and 5 children.

Chuck is also the author of “The MaxCoders Guide to Finding Your Dream Developer Job.” The podcasts he produces reach more than 80,000 developers every week. 

Today’s Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. Branded domain name emails.
  2. Integrating CRM’s including ZOHO, Salesforce, Zapier Automation, Click Funnels
  3. Online Scheduling including Schedule Once and Acuity Scheduling


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Timestamped Show Notes:

07:50 – Mail servers on their own are pretty stupid. It’s the stuff that you build on top of it that matters. So Google built this application layer on top of it, that sorts it all out and allows for that custom domain email universal platform for businesses. They have two advantages. One is that they’ve been doing this for a really, really long time. So they they’ve gotten pretty good just on their own building algorithms to say for example, hey that looks like spam! The second thing is now we’re getting into the age where you have Machine Learning aka AI aka Artificial Intelligence. What it is, is they are taking this giant data model, and you train it against the systems that build basically mathematical formulas that replicate the result you want. 

09:10 – This is all in software. So effectively, what you do is you set up your system and then you feed it. You say, here’s an email, it’s spam. Here’s another email, it’s spam. Here’s an email, it’s not spam. You send millions and billions of emails through to the end, what happens is when you send an email that you don’t know, it can come back and it can say this is 90% chance, it’s spam. So then you just have to decide how sensitive you want to be. The more you train it, the better it gets.

20:20 – The issue that I had was this CRM, it did a bunch of stuff, I could go I could cancel like four or five services, because they all could now get consolidated. So I was super excited. I start using it, and then it seemed okay, but the email deliverability was in the toilet. So they’re like, hey, look, you know, we have this tech expert that will go in and fix it for you. So I paid the extra to have the guy come in and fix it for me. So he comes in and fixes it and the deliverability gets better. It’s not where it was using the other system. But it wasn’t so bad that I just threw up my hands in disgust and walked away. 

30:30 – So I went back to Schedule Once, and you know that they’re cheap. So it’s not a big deal. But they’ll let you set up booking pages that all go to different calendars. That’s the kicker, and I have to set up like 10 of them for all the podcasts and everything else. Then I can use the Zoho calendar thing, because it’s already built into everything else, just for the stuff that involves just me.

42:15 – Final Words


Our Final Words of the Show:

The thing that I want to point out is that what your brand is, and that’s the embodiment of truth and backing up your words. In a lot of cases, it is the way you present yourself, part of your brand is I tried to work with them. They were hard to work with, so if I came through, and I said hey this is Company X, and I named them outright, and said, and their their customer service has been terrible. But they actually have built their brand on being good salespeople and brand people. They talk about this on their podcast, which they have, and how their customer service is part of your brand. It really just does not come across well, especially that fact that I’ve had so many issues with them.


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