Founder of the Lifestyle Brand and podcast LIVETHEFUEL, Scott Mulvaney escaped corporate life to serve as a USFS Hotshot Wildland Firefighter before his growth into entrepreneurship.

Now a sales and marketing consultant, podcaster, and author; he channels his health nut, adrenaline junkie energy into everything he influences. Scott extends his firefighting values of Duty, Respect, and Integrity into his fire-inspired brands' Fuel Up Marketing, his non-profit FUEL Foundations, and his LIVETHEFUEL audience.

This podcast show is here to "FUEL Your Health, Business, and Lifestyle!" When you need brand strategy and execution, be sure to visit to connect with Scott offline. Everyone deserves the ability to "Fuel Up and Grow Your Brand" to "Control How You Exist Online!"

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LIVETHEFUEL is the foundational lifestyle brand that is aligned with Fuel Up Marketing and FUEL Foundations. Scott W. Mulvaney has made the commitment to donate 3% of gross income from his For Purpose brands to be donated to our non-profit arm, our 501c-3 organization known as FUEL Foundations.

This podcast is an essential piece of our trifecta of fired up brands. LIVETHEFUEL has an ongoing purpose share our co-hosts' struggles and lessons learned. Our legacy impact is to share the necessary knowledge to positively impact the next generations including Scott's Gen-X, Millennials, and the Z's and beyond.

Scott's wants you to FUEL UP your own dreams and aspirations. We all must continue to be brave enough to take on imperfect action as learn and achieve limitless success. Your once unattainable goals can and will become reality. His big wish is that we all will achieve the "Freedom Trifecta" of Time, Location, and Financial Freedoms!


~ Scott Mulvaney (Founder)

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