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Founder of the Lifestyle Brand, LIVETHEFUEL, Scott Mulvaney escaped the corporate life drag in 2009. As a corporate employee turned Wildland Firefighter, turned Marketing Entrepreneur, Podcaster, and Author; he channels his health nut, adrenaline junkie energy into everything he influences.

Scott often thanks his transformative two years serving as a former Hotshot Wildland Firefighter with the US Forest Service. His high energy passions can be heard on the LIVETHEFUEL Podcast Show, where "We FUEL Your Health, Business, and Lifestyle"!

Do you have business needs? Work with Scott to FUEL your Sales, Marketing, and Branding strategies. He leads with Strategy, and Execution through Consulting and Coaching to help you "Control How You Exist Online!"


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LIVETHEFUEL is a For Purpose Business by donating 5% of all gross income to our non-profit,

The podcasts' purpose is to share our co-hosts' struggles and lessons learned. Our legacy message target is to help pass on our knowledge to positively influence Generation X, Millennials, and the next generations.

My hope is to inspire and FUEL your own dreams by taking imperfect action so you can learn and achieve your once unattainable goals. Let's achieve the Freedom Trifecta of Time, Location, and Financial Freedoms! ~ Scott Mulvaney (Founder)

Past Blog Posts


Time for a Professionally Fit Lifestyle

By Scott Mulvaney | March 1, 2018
Posted in

The Challenge of A Professionally Fit Lifestyle   Creating a “realistically”, professionally fit lifestyle has become a challenge for many of us. Each of us battle with this target personally and some of us professionally. The demand for our time will shift throughout life and seems to be increasing. With the expanse of online entrepreneurship, it…

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Flow Genome Project LIVETHEFUEL Hard Charger Flow State

My Flow State from Flow Genome Project

By Scott Mulvaney | March 5, 2017
Posted in

Find Your Flow State Profile: So I’m a Hard Charger eh?! I was referred to the Flow Genome Project after a recommendation from one of my recent podcast co-hosts. Julian Kaufmann spoke highly of this organization and website on my recent podcast episode 055 which airs Monday, March 6, 2017. So I figured, heck, why not…

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Firefighter Fitness for Hiking Hotshots

Firefighter Fitness for Hiking Hotshots

By Scott Mulvaney | May 15, 2016
Posted in ,

Use This Firefighter Fitness Plan For Hiking If you’re going to be a Hotshot Wildland Firefighter then you need to know how to hike through some of the world’s toughest conditions. Heck, you may simply be training for a GoRuck Challenge too, it doesn’t matter! While it is true that walking for a good hour…

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