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Fathers Day Hustle

Yesterday was Father’s Day for many deserving men out there.  One of those deserving that recognition is my own father.  I figured I’d share the card and the personal comments I added to that card to reflect on Hustle and a Fathers Day Quote.  Part of being a solopreneur is developing the “Hustle” to overcome…

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Why the MURPH on Memorial Day and Madison Rising

What is the MURPH Why Memorial Day Weekend and who is Madison Rising? This annual holiday themed workout has become highly established, Hero’s WOD aka workout on Memorial Day Weekend.  I think it’s important to clarify that this does not just have to be a CrossFit community event.  All individuals who care about fitness and…

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How to accept Creepy Facebook Friends

Accepting and being transparent on Facebook Ensure transparency and honesty in life and business with Social Media I was inspired to write this due the crazy world of Facebook friend requests.  Yes, Facebook is a touchy subject for many people.  Do I friend you, do I not?  Do I accept your friend request, do I…

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Proper Networking Tips

Target: Give to Get (Proper Networking Tips) Gathering Contacts vs Collecting Cards (Proper Networking Tips) When attending networking events don’t play the collect as many business cards as you can game. Focus quality over quantity. Gather contacts that you think you can help and of course may help you in return. This is about the long…

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The Pro Deal Discount Secret

Live The Fuel Pro Deal Discount Secret   I’m all about scoring the hookup on gear, products, etc. Especially if you are in a specialized field. For example, are you a certified trainer, spinning instructor, PSIA certified ski instructor, police officer, in the military or just a federal employee? There’s most likely a pro form…

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