Red Pill Revolution and Medical Freedom with John Gusty

Red Pill Revolution, Medical Freedom, and more with John Gusty

Take The Red Pill, Non-Consensual Authority, Freedom Of Medical Choice, And More:

After over 30 years in the entertainment industry working “behind the curtain” for some of music’s biggest names, John turned his attention to health and wellness in an effort to help his wife heal from what was originally diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis. He soon realized that the same deceit and profit motive that plagued the entertainment media was even worse inside the Medical Industrial Complex. As a devout Agorist and champion of individuality, he now devotes his time to producing content that celebrates the spirit of sovereignty in all aspects of life.

Quote: “A lie is a lie, even if everyone believes it. The truth is the truth, even if nobody believes it.” – David Stevens


Today’s Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. Health Industry Corruption For Profit
  2. Consensual vs Non-Consensual Authority
  3. Become Your Own Self-Advocate For Your Health


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Timestamped Show Notes:

07:05 – Independent companies are becoming more and more rare. As independent companies get successful, they almost inevitably always get bought up. Once they’re bought up, they’re absorbed into that corrupt world. Ambassadors moroseness and then they’re just a name and a logo that has to align with whatever the mother corpse narratives and marketing initiatives might be and so where is your individuality? Professional and personal individuality is definitely the enemy of the state. By the state, I mean the corporate state, the corporate state is government, the corporate state is medicine, the corporate state is law, the corporate state is everything that we call the system, schools, everything, and yes even our food.

10:45 – The key word there is look at the definition of non-consensual, actually hell, to be fair, even if it is consensual, I have an ethical issue with a lot of stuff like that. I’d rather work together with somebody, not control that right, let’s instead educate each other, let’s help each other through that, that next step of life. Let’s do the research to get to the point of shared education. I’m not going to just control somebody. So even if somebody gave me consent, I still feel weird about that. 

21:20 – It’s about their model, they have three tools in their tool belt. They’re going to drug you, they’re going to burn you through radiation, or they’re going to cut you through surgery. It’s either drug, cut, or burn. That’s the only tools the doctors have got. They’re not taught, preventative anything. They’re not taught nutrition. They’re not taught exercise. They’re not taught healthy light. They’re not taught about impacts of healthy water, salt aka electrolytes, etc.

22:30 – In a quest to find out answers about my wife, in a nutshell, it took about six months of digging to realize that the that entire health industry is just BS. I’m not saying that there are not good, well-meaning, sincere people that work in that industry. But the industry as a whole is deceptive and is profit driven. It is not looking out for the best interest of a patient in any way shape or form.

32:00 – Name another life form that creates artificially made chemical concoctions to deal with their health, wellness, illness, and problems. We’re supposed to be the superior species of the planet, with our larger brains, etc.

40:00 – The one thing that I think most people will relate to is the proof that Glyphosate doesn’t break down, it never breaks down. Animals eat the plants, then we eat the animal. It’s now in the ground, plants will bring it uproot, then something to consume that plant. I mean, it just keeps going.

50:45 – You learn through conversation, we’re now not encouraged to have conversations anymore, and especially not healthy debates. There’s now a one sided, weird, social peer pressure system to not disagree with anybody, or not rock the boat, or not ask the wrong question, or not speak up, or speak your mind. Because you’re going to be labeled as some social posturing term, that’s bad, or whatever.

01:01:50 – They are psychopaths. They are eugenics obsessed, warmongering, serial killer psychopaths. So why is anybody listening to them anymore? Quite honestly, it’s because they’ve run the dice, what less and less people know, is good for business.

01:18:00 – Final Words


Our Final Words of the Show:

It’s okay to ask questions. It’s okay to be skeptical and it’s okay to say no, embrace the ability to say no instead. It sounds so simple, but saying no is really hard for people, especially these days. A lot of people are socially shamed into the accent, there’s this weird kind of peer pressure thing going on where people are afraid. They know that a lot of people know that they don’t want to do these things, or think these things, or say these things, or think a certain way, but they’re just afraid to be individuals. If nothing else, if when I’m gone, and you’re standing at my headstone, which is going to be a big middle finger.

Maybe someone will go out there, at least that guy did everything he could do, to let everyone around him know. It’s okay to talk, it’s okay to have opinions, it’s okay to ask questions, and it’s absolutely okay to say no. No human has the right to declare nonconsensual authority, authority over another human. If somebody is claiming authority over you, I would question that relationship. I’d want to see the paperwork behind it and how that other person thinks that they have this authority, and don’t be afraid to say no. Most importantly, you can do all of that with a smile on your face and love in your heart and it does. Nobody has to act like a Karen.


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