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Grilling Steaks and Bringing Epic MEN OF MINDSET Together For Ourselves and for you on this Special Podcast Episode:

Your host, Scott Mulvaney brings together likeminded “Men of Mindset” for an evening of grilling steaks, male bonding, and this special podcast recording night out in his pole barn aka the man-zone aka the Fuel Up Barn.

Quote: “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” ~ Albert Einstein

For this special podcast, we have put together this great panel of six amazing men on this fine night of grilling steaks and hanging in Scott’s Barn. The following are your new guest co-hosts today:

  1. Andre Young: I’m Andre Young; speaker, author, and Founder of You Evolving Now, LLC. I have taken my 19 years of experience as a Mental Health Therapist and focused on marital, individual, and group counseling. Along with my life-altering experiences as an individual, athlete, employee, and business owner, I created a movement of Positive Living, Personal Growth, Relationship Growth, Healthy Living, and Lifestyle Enhancement. Through this movement, we are enhancing Work/Life Harmony and Leadership on-site for Companies and Schools!
  2. Brad Modrich: A multi-passionate businessman, a father, husband, and an inspirational speaker who is making waves in the world of business. Coming from very humble beginnings and growing up on the east side of Allentown Pennsylvania who he likes to say he’s a knucklehead kid from the east side. A high school drop out and convicted felon has completely changed his world and inspires so many others to do the same.
  3. Dale Kessler: Dale is the proud owner of Realty 365. “Our goal in dealing with our clients is to prove real estate can be both a fun and profitable experience. “The time to buy or sell is NOW!” By leveraging technology and experience we aim to ensure your experience with a real estate transaction through our brokerage is nothing short of AMAZING! If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home, call Dale and consider it SOLD!
  4. Rob Eschbach: An Enlifted L2 Coach, Gym Owner of F13 Performance in Allentown, PA, and Event Coordinator for the Enlifted Experience.
  5. Wes Morris: Westley has a story of hope, resilience, perseverance, determination, and commitment. Westley captures his audience with his energetic style of speaking and adds value to his clients by giving them the tools they need to overcome any obstacle. He transfers emotion to others through his tell-all story and has been known to cause even the hardest man to tear up.
  6. Scott Mulvaney: Visit, Quote: Live The Fired Up Epic Life! #livethefuel


Today’s Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. Meat Heals
  2. Leadership
  3. Discipline


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Timestamped Show Notes:

08:30 – When it comes to our Lehigh Valley, PA region, there’s not enough personal and professional development here locally, like you said, I’ve traveled everywhere, California, Florida, Texas, we know social groups and masterminds. 

10:20 – I’ll tell you , it always surprised me when I speak at more local events and not the big stages. Like you said, traveling all over the country, no matter where you’re doing it, no matter if it’s New York City, or if it’s going to be here in the Lehigh Valley, wherever it is. So many people are hungry for it. I believe that everybody knows the truth deep inside, but either busy has beat them, or life has beat them down, or they’re on autopilot doing things. But when we hear the truth, we all stop for a second, we all pause.

22:00 – It changes the intent and how you see things, I promise you, and you’re talking to a guy who is a convicted felon, I did four years in the Feds, a high school dropout, I was a drug addict on every single level. I’ve done every single drug known to man, I had zero discipline, I had a mindset where I did whatever the fuck I wanted. I didn’t care who I hurt, I didn’t care what I did. There was zero discipline. Now, in this evolution, for people to understand where real personal growth comes from, with your family, with your relationships, with your finances, with your health, with everything… it’s discipline!

29:15 – Brother when I came in here, I put my phone over on the table. You know what I mean? It’s because it’s that thing, that mobile tech, you got to be disciplined to not look at it. Discipline is everything. Like I can’t say it enough and I can’t talk about it enough, DISCIPLINE.

39:25 – What you mentioned too, was intentional evaluation process. As we get older, many people stop evaluating themselves. I mean, you work in a job, you’re gonna have an annual review. But those numbers are already circled. How about we get to circle our own numbers and be intentional. So once a month I call it get my life together Saturday. I sit down with a cup of coffee, a cigar, and maybe really nice drink. Then I put down the different roles that I play as a versus overall as me, Andre, but also as a husband, as a father, I have four kids, believe me, I’ll have four different ratings. Okay, as a leader, and you could go whatever role that you value, put it down on a scale of one to ten. My rating is on a scale of one to ten. 

45:00 – So I think one of the challenges of being a coach is we try to coach at home, and they don’t need a coach, like I experienced this with my daughter, Wes knows my kids. This is what I have on my phone at 9:15, and it says discipline equals freedom. Make a list for tomorrow goes off every night at nine o’clock. So like, this is where discipline comes into play. The gift in the curse with what we do, we coach people, we give people direction, we tell them what they need. Then we go home…

53:30 – DALE: Yeah, they need to be present, just like we were talking about be present where you are present. Like I to have quite a few friends who just had the most amazing dads. Like there’s nothing more important to them than their family and their kids. Not just that they’re proactively raising their children and teaching them. Here’s what it means to be an entrepreneur at 10, 11, 12. If you do this, I’ll give you a reward. So they understand reward systems, they understand then once they start doing those things, they get a reward, but how good they feel on the other side is a huge reward in itself too. So they’re just teaching them all these different things in life that I learned, but I didn’t necessarily learn from one person. 

59:00 – One in 400 trillion or it’s 400 trillion to one. Each of us, you yourself are that one in 400 trillion chance to come into existence. When I heard that statistic, I immediately was woken up, just think about that. Just the thought of that is happening, why do you exist on this earth, why are you walking around. Each of us are a 400 trillion to one chance of creation. That’s it. When you think about that, it’s like each of us won the lottery of life. So you know how special you are right now?! 

01:07:00 – I’m a man of faith, I don’t hide that. I think it’s very important, not so much being religious, but I’m spiritual. I heard the voice of God and he said, Wes, I’m all the father that you’ll ever need. I’m all the father that you’ll ever need, bro. When you put expectations on human beings, they will let you down a lot. So he said, I’m all the man that you’ll ever need. Just FYI, we’re setting a fucking date for this Men Of Mindset night again bros. I’m coming back!

01:13:00 – I mean, I think that’s part of growth, though. The theme of tonight was Men and Mindset, right? Mindset is just the key word. This event them just popped in my head, so I was just like, I’m just gonna stick it on the calendar invite and I’m still gonna stick by it. I’m feeling it.

01:27:00 – The Final, Final, Final Words


Our Final Words of the Show:

  • In the immortal words of the man who stole my fucking jacket from Skateway, DISCIPLINE. ~ Brad Modrich


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