Vegan Turned Carnivore

Vegan Turned Carnivore

Yes, A Vegan Can Heal By Turning To A Carnivore Way Of Life:

Claire is a Carnivore Coach, specialized on Mental health, eating disorders, and living the Lion Diet thanks to her own personal story of transformation to save her life for her son and her own well being.

Quote: Meat Heals My Friends!

Listen in to learn her story of healing, recovery, and transformation from Anorexia Nervosa, and so much more!

Her Struggle With Anorexia Nervosa:

Growing up in France, Claire ate the typical French diet rich in saturated fat and protein. A dancer, she was naturally thin like her fellow ballerinas-in-training. Constant comparisons as to who was the slimmest, however, led Claire to develop body-image issues, and as she entered her teenage years, she started to restrict her eating.

Her parents were in the dark about her struggles, and after experiencing a traumatic incident at the age of 16, her eating disorder got worse and developed into full-blown Anorexia Nervosa.

Finding The Carnivore Diet:

As the years passed by, Claire became a prisoner of her tyrannical eating disorder. At 5′ 7″, her weight would go on to drop to a life-threatening 69 pounds. She became so frail she had to use a wheelchair, and at one point, she even lost the fat from her optical nerves and went blind for months.

Her hair fell out, her teeth fell out, and her heart rate was always hovering below 40. In 2017, she got the flu and died on the table for several minutes. At 33 years old, Claire was desperate beyond measure and started looking for alternative ways to try and conquer Anorexia.

When she came across the carnivore diet, she was intrigued by its simplicity. She started with a low-fat option but still didn’t feel very well. Then, in July of 2021, Claire was unable to go swimming with her family when on vacation because she was freezing cold—even though it was the middle of the summertime.

In her sadness, she became resolved to give the carnivore diet a real try and booked a coaching session with one of the Carnivore.Diet coaches online. They encouraged Claire to think about eating meat and fat like taking medicine, and if she committed to it fully, her body would heal—fast.

“I was so scared, but from one day to another, I only ate fatty meat…it was a life changer.” Claire started off with easy-to-digest ground beef. She also drank raw egg yolks and snacked on butter—sometimes up to several sticks a day!

“I was eating fat all the time, and my body handled it fantastically…It was like body happiness…I couldn’t stop! Since the moment I started eating this way, I was not able to restrict myself anymore. I have to eat when I’m hungry—my body is so happy with it!

Finding Happiness and Learning Weight Optimization:

Within three months, Claire was able to gain 20 pounds and come off all of her anti-depression medication—in close collaboration with her doctor, of course! Now, 39 years old and with a full head of hair, Claire is up to 110 pounds. Instead of being wheelchair-bound and blind, she is able to jump on the trampoline with her son and work all day in her job as an engineer. All of her blood markers are excellent as well, leaving her doctors amazed.

Any lingering concerns about her weight have vanished, and Claire is miraculously unbothered by the scale. “The carnivore diet is not about weight loss; it’s about weight optimization. So, if it brings me to gain twenty more pounds or thirty more pounds—it’s possible—I don’t have any trouble with it.

I want to feel satiated all the time, and I want to be able to think clearly, and I don’t want to restrict… I’m eating amazing food, I’m doing some movement, I’m sleeping well, so the weight will be what it has to be.

Today’s Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. Eating disorders triggering negative mental health.
  2. Healing yourself for your child.
  3. Increasing the scale for healthy weight for life.

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Timestamped Show Notes:

05:00 – I was vegan I from 2012 2017, fiver years of my life. You have to find what is true and what is not true. On the internet you can find all the information you want. You can listen to what you want to hear. If you want to hear that veganism is perfect, you will hear that veganism is perfect.

09:00 – When I started switching to veganism, I didn’t want to become a vegan at the beginning. I did it for my son because I was breastfeeding him and he was having health issues because he was allergic to dairy and dairy protein was going into my breast milk. So the doctor asked me to stop just the dairy on my own for him, not to get any dairy, and to get better. So it was the starting point. I just eliminated dairy from my diet first. Then I was looking for more people having the same issues and I start finding people saying similar things.

19:20 – I’m eating lots of meat and my son is really happy with this. H is also eating a lot of meat as well and he knows that meat is good for him. But it’s not eating only meat. It is. I’m really open minded. As long as he has his meat and his fat first, then he can have whatever he wants.

30:30 –I wasn’t drinking alcohol, I stopped in 2010 because my uncle died, he was 30 years drunk. So I was not drinking any alcohol, I was not eating any fat, but I had liver failure, and you have liver failure because you’re not giving nutrients to your body. I had a few heart failure issues because when you don’t get enough potassium into your body, and you cannot retain the potassium, so it gets low and even if I had potassium through my veins every single week, it was not enough to sustain because I was not giving the nutrients. I was just damaging everything. I had a lot of kidney stones. This is due to all these crappy leafy greens I was eating them all of the time. So I was passing kidney stones all the time.

39:30 – It was very important for me and she helped me a lot to get out of the medication because it’s the same, you kind of go out of psychiatrist make medication just listening to person in the inefficiency of saying you go carnivore and then you stop being depressed and anxious. Okay, no, it took me three months, but we did it gradually, and she was helping me with this. No way she would give me back to big pharma, especially if she knows that it’s working and all is fine. But yeah, for all of this very heavy medication, you need medical advice. I’m an engineer, I’m not a doctor. 

50:50 – Final Words


Our Final Words of the Show:

I left all this of this veganism crap in the past to make me a better person and to be able to educate people. Yeah, I was wrong. I was brainwashed. I’m not anymore, I think on my own. If I can do this, you can too, just because I eat the meat and the fat. So go ahead and go to your butcher and eat meat and fat.

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