Communication Expertise with Gary Ross

Communication Expertise with Gary Ross

Communication Is Key To Success In Business, Relationships, and More:

Gary Ross works with everyone from the C-Suite to the production line to be a better communicator. As a former FORTUNE 500 corporate communications executive, Emmy-nominated broadcast journalist and current stadium and arena public address announcer, Gary knows you don’t always need a booming sound system to get your message across. He provides actionable tips and advice that people can use to enhance their careers and build credibility and influence.

Prior to his training, coaching, and consulting work, Gary led communications departments at CDW, Hyatt Hotels, and Fortune Brands. Before joining the corporate communications profession, he worked as a reporter and anchor for WCBD-TV in Charleston, SC, where he was nominated for an Emmy Award in investigative journalism, traveled overseas with the U.S. military and reported from the eye of Category Four Hurricane Hugo.

Quote “Everything Communicates.”

Gary has been interviewed for several communications publications and podcasts and has spoken on communications and change for leading organizations and universities.

Gary is a member of the Public Relations Society of America, the International Association of Business Communicators, the Association of Change Management Professionals and the National Speakers Association (Illinois Chapter). He holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism degree from the Medill School at Northwestern University. 

Today’s Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. Everything Communicates
  2. Storytelling For Success
  3. Communicate For Growth


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Timestamped Show Notes:

08:50 – I have three number one rules of communication, and they’re all tied for number one. That’s why they’re all number one. One of them is, Everything Communicates and that’s one of the things that communicates. I’ll tell you kind of the converse of the story…

19:00 – Well, so we need to be strategic absolutely about communication, because, you know, how many times have you been there whether you’re in communications or not. You’re at work and somebody comes to you and says, oh, you know, we need to send out an email about XYZ. People’s minds, especially when it goes to communication, a lot of times just go to the tactic, we need an email, we need a meeting, we need a town hall, we need a video. 

23:25 – Tell them a story! That’s my third number one rule of communication, is to tell them a story. Why is that? Go back to caveman drawings. That’s just the natural way for humans to communicate and to relate to one another and to move one another, to action. Frankly, it’s not that tough, because there’s a very simple structure. 

29:20 – Regarding the e-Learning we’ve got, it’s all about the video success. So you got the visual and the audio, but then we also have little exercises that reinforce a lot of the points that we talked about in the videos. Then we also added in each of the courses, we have these downloadable tools and templates that you can take and keep. If you want you want to go old school, you print it out and you stick it up next to your desk and you can consult it regularly. One of the things I’ve got is on the corporate narrative course in there, but it is the storytelling template that I that I had just talked about earlier. 

49:00 – Being explicit and prescriptive about what we need people to do is important. So we fall short of that all the time in our workplace communication. So we’ve done the hard part, we’ve won people over, but it’s like, well, what do I do? And too often nobody has the answer for that.

52:20 – Final Words


Our Final Words of the Show:

When we communicate better we can make work life, and life in general, better for all of us, for ourselves, and for others. That’s what I’m all about doing, is about making a difference with good and improved communication in the workplace and in people’s lives in general.


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