045: Strauser Project, Kettlebells, Isagenix, Epidermolysis Bullosa

045: Strauser Project Returns, Kettlebells, Isagenix, Epidermolysis Bullosa

Epidermolysis Bullosa gofundme Project Co-Hosting:

This episode was recorded live at CrossFit Adoration with repeat co-host Brian Strauser of The Strauser Project. He has gone through an exciting transformation in life and business since Brian’s last appearance on LIVETHEFUEL. Brian has also been impacting the lives of others through various charity efforts, in particular someone living with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). Which you will hear more about on this episode. Brian has been living a life of purpose.

On This Episode You Will Hear:

  • [spp-timestamp time=”03:00″] Moving in the right direction since Brian’s previous episode
  • [spp-timestamp time=”04:35″] Opening people’s eyes. Sometimes what you are looking at isn’t what’s actually going on. Don’t be so naive to think when you look at your loved ones everything is great because on the surface things may look great but deep down things may not be.
  • [spp-timestamp time=”08:02″] Keeping up with the Jones’s. Assuming the worst. Brian tries to make people’s lives better when he is around them. Do something, it’s better than looking on and doing nothing.
  • [spp-timestamp time=”11:46″] Are we remaining approachable so people remain comfortable to work with you on their goals. We need to be coaching and supporting each other in life. Lead by example.
  • [spp-timestamp time=”13:54″] Brian has become a voracious podcast consumer. The impostor syndrome. Doing your self-work to fight your impostor syndrome. Since Brian has been using isogenic, he has become the product of the product. Brian had been a personal trainer for ten years.
  • [spp-timestamp time=”18:07″] Anti-scales. It’s all about the inches. It’s the inflammatory weight leaving your body. Brian in the past 30 days lost 10 inches.
  • [spp-timestamp time=”19:00″] Bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA) is a commonly used method for estimating body composition and in particular body fat.
  • [spp-timestamp time=”21:03″] Nutrient density. Having nutrient dense meals not only to support the body through the transformation but to maintain the existing muscle mass.
  • [spp-timestamp time=”23:01″] Supported fasting day. You are given a certain amount of snacks and supports along with the cleansing supplement, your body is naturally able to cleanse and detox but many of us are not healthy enough to do it. What Brian took just jacks it up to give you a super a deep cleansing day.
  • [spp-timestamp time=”23:56″] Fasting has been around for centuries in different forms. The importance of sleep, circadian rhythm, helps you rest, recover and heal.
  • [spp-timestamp time=”26:40″] It’s 2017, with New Year’s resolutions still a hot topic, you can’t go from couch potatoes to guns blazing because you could cause injury, cause tears in your muscle tissue all these side effects that could end up setting you back and psychologically having a negative impact on you. Build up. Take your time. Whether it’s a nutritional program or your workouts take your time, be smart with your body and it’s transformation. It is a process.
  • [spp-timestamp time=”29:46″] Mind of the Athlete
  • [spp-timestamp time=”30:30″] How Scott and Brian met
  • [spp-timestamp time=”32:06″] Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is a general term used to describe a group of rare inherited skin disorders that cause the skin to become very fragile. Brian has been helping and raising money for John Hudson Dilgen, a young man from Staten Island, New York who suffers from Epidermolysis Bullosa.
  • [spp-timestamp time=”33:43″] Skin is the largest organ on our body. These children with Epidermolysis Bullosa are essentially an open wound. Brian had previously raised $1200 for the EBRP by competing in the Wilderness 101 Mountain bike race. Brian wanted to do something for him personally, he couldn’t buy him a video game or a bike, so he was told by his aunt, who is on the board of Epidermolysis Bullosa, what he could do personally for him. Brian made some custom oak steps for John’s service dog. He got to hand deliver this to John which was the emotional and life-changing moment for him. Then recently Brain came across a video on Facebook at 04:30 in the morning. The video was about Johns living conditions, he lived in an old Victorian style house in Staten Island New York which really was not set up for John’s condition. His parents are now looking to remodel the middle floor of their house to accommodate a special bath tub. After tagging his boss and company in a post on Facebook, Brian managed by 10:30 to get the kitchen design, build, delivery and installation absolutely free through sponsorship. The cabinetry for the bathroom free with soapstone counters.
  • [spp-timestamp time=”41:22″] The company that donated all of the above was Precise Graphix which were featured on the television show The Profit.
  • [spp-timestamp time=”44:54″] Brian is setting up some fundraisers and fitness classes with Inner Strength
  • [spp-timestamp time=”48:35″] Kettlebells. When your hurting doesn’t stop. Brian feels back to the way he used to be.
  • [spp-timestamp time=”52:45″] We all have our highs and we all have our lows. Just take the time out to reach out and let someone know how you are doing and be real about it.
  • [spp-timestamp time=”54:23″] Final Words

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Final Words

Brian has been on a roller coaster journey in such a short amount of time, his final words are that of Thankfulness and Gratitude. Take the time out, to reach out and let someone know how you are doing and be real about it. Do stuff with purpose.

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