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042: Goals for 2017 & Return of Dr. Megan Cannon Ph.D

042: Goals for 2017 & Return of Dr. Megan Cannon Ph.D

Goals C-Hosting and Return of Dr. Megan:

On this episode of LIVETHEFUEL we bring back Mind of the Athlete Co-Host Dr Megan Cannon to talk about Goals. This is a great episode to help you understand the principles of setting and achieving our goals. Using a combination of Fueling our bodies in the right way and having patience will create a solid foundation to achieving our long term goals, but a great take away from this episode is we all have bad days. We are all Human.


On This Episode You Will Hear:

  • [02:05] Why Dr. Megan joined Mind of the Athlete
  • [03:24] Setting up our own failures.
  • [04:49] There is a trend of over training and sever injuries occurring at younger ages
  • [06:58] The Secret Life of Fat. Training like an adult as a kid will change your bodies hormonal and chemical make-up.
  • [09:57] Let the coach be the coach. The number one negative memory across the board with the athletes Dr. Megan works with is the car ride home. Mind of the Parent
  • [11:58] Side line parent coaching
  • [18:02] A goal is the pathway to a dream.
  • [20:00] R&R – Rest and Recovery. Outcome goals. Visualize outcome goals as a spiral staircase with your outcome goal at the very top. To get to the top you have to break it down into two types of steps, Performance Goals and Process Goals
  • [29:54] Patients. Having small goals that will help you reach your long term goal.
  • [32:00] Fueling your body. If we are not fueling our bodies right, all these new goals we are throwing in will just come crashing down. Build a solid foundation first.
  • [34:48] Celebrating the wins and getting past the negativity
  • [38:18] If all you see day in day out is negativity (Newspapers, Magazines, Cable) you are going to set a negative dialog through our minds. Expose yourself to positive messaging.
  • [40:01] The Bucket List Life. Catch yourself, don’t let yourself fall down that negative spiral. It doesn’t happen overnight.
  • [43:13] Mood tracker apps – The Five Minute Journal
  • [45:12] Choice Theory
  • [47:50] Book club
  • [51:08] Final Words

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Final Words

Make a goal, make a plan and make a choice everyday.

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