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Flipping Healthcare On Its’ Head with Pops Diabetes Care

Flipping Healthcare On Its' Head with Pops Diabetes Care

Impacting Diabetes and Patient Healthy Lifestyles: Pops’ CEO & co-founder, Lonny Stormo, has spent 34 years in the healthcare industry primarily at Medtronic, the largest medical device in the world. At Medtronic, he served in a large variety of roles including leading the Medtronic Therapy Delivery business. In the last four years, Lonny has successfully…

BLUblox, Blue Light, and Aussie Health

BluBlox, Blue Light, and Aussie Health

Sleep Health, Eye Health, Infertility, Fatigue, and Blue Light Blockers with Andy Mant: In 2011, Andy began gaining a lot of weight, struggling with chronic fatigue, and always lacking energy. Traditional dietary approaches only worked to a certain degree. After stumbling across light and its relation to the body, Andy has since become a leading…

Tao Brain FUEL, Branding, and CBD with Ultra Human

Tao Brain FUEL, Branding, and CBD with Ultra Human

Today We Learn to Become Ultra Human: Jason Dhir, CEO, and Founder of Ultra Human & Jason Dhir Productions. Few Notes: – 20 Years Experience in Consulting, Product design formulation, packaging, distribution, seminars, writing, athlete contracting – the full A-Z in this industry. – Threw large scale extreme Parties for 16 years too. 500-5000 person…

Scooch Back, Improve Your Eyesight, and End Myopia

Scooch Back and End Myopia Jake Steiner

Nearsightedness is increasing as a real problem with technology and our vision today: Jake Steiner (SHTY-nuh) is a passionate advocate for eye health with a unique perspective? that we can reverse myopia (AKA nearsightedness) naturally. After a billions-of-dollars revolution a decade of research, Jake compiled enough peer-reviewed academic data to back his hypothesis that we’ve…

From Marketing To Health Enthusiast Turned DNA Coach

From Marketing To Health Enthusiast Turned DNA Coach

Karen Kelly Transformed from Marketing to Health Enthusiast, Turned DNA Coach: Karen is a former marketing professional, turned teacher, turned self-taught health enthusiast who has turned away from the standard American diet and lifestyle as well as the current model of Western medicine to treat and reverse a variety of medical conditions, some more serious…

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