Chiro Wellness and Defining Food

Chiro Wellness and Defining Food

Talking Better Health, Chemicals, Food, Inflammation, Nutrition, and Overall Wellness:

Dr. Cori Stern has been helping people restore and optimize their health naturally since 2001. Her passion for alternative medicine grew out of a sick childhood characterized by a very poor diet, incessant chronic infections, and never-ending cycles of antibiotics. At the young age of 15, she decided to take her health into her own hands and began self-studying topics like the gut-brain connection, toxins, and how diet impacts a person’s overall well being. Later in life, upon re-realizing her childhood dreams of helping those who suffer heal naturally, she decided to become a chiropractor at 32 and graduated at 37. She now assists people all over the world with overcoming health challenges and advocating for their healthcare. Dr. Cori Stern oversees a busy private practice where she also educates other chiropractors on how to achieve optimal results with their clients. She is the creator of the Dr. Cori Stern – Take Control of Your Health channel known for its bite-sized information on a wide range of modern health topics.

Quote: “Food is anything that grows on the ground, grows on a tree, or has a mother and is minimally processed.” ~ Dr. Cori Stern


Today’s Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. What Is Nutrient-Dense “Food”.
  2. Seed Oils Are BAD.
  3. Chemical Riddled “Foods”.


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Timestamped Show Notes:

05:15 – As chiropractors, we don’t call it dislocation, we call it subluxation.

09:50 – It can hurt when you’re walking and when you’re laying down, so it’s when any bone is in the wrong place. It can be very painful. It can limit your your activities and functioning. The level of pain can cause other problems to occur in your body. There’s inflammation going on and pain syndromes can really drain your energy and make your life miserable.

20:00 – Seed oils are super cheap to manufacture. So that actually is one of the reasons why they started to push it onto the population. This is my definition of food. This is how we explain what food actually is because most people don’t even think about this. “Food is anything that grows on the ground, grows on a tree, or has a mother and is minimally processed.”

26:00 – We teach people to understand the role that nutrition plays in their body. Most people don’t even know why they need to eat, they really don’t, if you ask the average person, they’ll say, for energy. 

31:15 – Real milk is loaded with probiotics. When you pasteurize milk, you’re killing all the good stuff in it, you’re denaturing the protein. So I have a great video about raw milk on my YouTube channel, I interviewed the woman who started the organization called, which is dedicated to helping people educating them about raw milk and raw dairy and where you can find it anywhere in the world.

39:45 – Almost all of us are nutritionally deficient. So it’s a little difficult to correct nutritional deficiencies with food alone. Even if you’re eating the best quality food a lot of people are starting off with deficiencies and you can’t eat enough of what you need to correct the deficiencies and that’s where supplements do come in handy. However, I use food based supplements so they’re actually still food. So even though there are pills or capsules, I tell my patients, this is food in the shape of a tablet. This will help correct the deficiencies that you have. The goal is that you won’t need it forever.

51:30 – We’ve been so inundated with chemicals that we kind have lost touch with our ability to know what our body needs. A lot of times when people have cravings, they’re actually craving nutrients that they’re deficient in. But they’re misinterpreting the craving and an eating sugar instead or eating salt. She was actually telling me on the video that she’s been training people to be able to do that, that self selection and we see changes with my patients when we get the processed food out of their body. It takes about 120 days to completely grow enough clean new cells to make a difference.

01:05:20 – Final Words


Our Final Words of the Show:

This is what I tell people about making choices about their health and their future. Decide if you want to live as long as you can, and be as healthy as possible. Live a long healthy life. So you can enjoy your grandchildren, whatever it is that you want to enjoy in life, or would you prefer to just do whatever the heck you want, just eat whatever you want, trash your body and go out with a bang. That’s the decision that you need to make along with the other ones. But if you want to live as long as possible and be healthy and happy and functional, then you need to eat a clean, nutrient dense diet and take care of yourself.


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