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Skiing Lungs Gratitude for #FUELUP Friday

Skiing Lungs Gratitude for #FUELUP Friday ep 314

Today’s FUEL Up Friday Podcast Hits on Healthy Gratitude, Skiing Lifestyle, and Lung Health Recovery:   Top 3 Hot Point Takeaways: Gratitude for a Healthy Lifestyle Appreciation to keep skiing at high altitudes Lung Health Recovery from a Spontaneous Pneumothorax   Timestamped Show Notes: 00:30: Introduction 05:00: Because jackasses like me will probably want to…

Situational Awareness for #FUELUP Friday

Situational Awareness for #FUELUP Friday ep 311

Today’s FUELUP Friday Podcast is about the importance of Keeping Your Situational Awareness Up aka Alert!   “Keep Your SA Up! – Quoted Scott W. Mulvaney   Top 3 Hot Point Takeaways: Staying alert and ready. Don’t freak out and stay calm. Keep Your SA Up aka Keeping Your Situational Awareness Up. Timestamped Show Notes:…

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