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The Purpose

Are you Living The Fired Up Epic Life?!  My purpose with LIVETHEFUEL is to help "FUEL your Health, Business, and Lifestyle" goals.  To some of you, the very idea of launching that "next big thing" seems unattainable.  Whether it's that four letter word of a "diet" (FYI, it's a lifestyle people!), that next big business idea, your new online brand, or simply having the confidence to be more adventurous in life and jump out of a perfectly good airplane!

My goal is to help share the stories and knowledge attained from the struggles and life successes of my co-hosts and guests.  This is all so you, the listener, will be able to influence more positive change in your life.  

My hope, is that these episodes will FUEL your own internal fire while helping you realize that LIFE IS SHORT!  So go after your dreams and conquer that next, supposedly, unattainable goal! We all deserve the Freedom Trifecta of Time, Location, and Financial Freedoms!

Who, What, Why?

Who: I'm a fitness nut who fell in love with the CrossFit lifestyle as an athlete, now Coach, thanks to serving as a former Hotshot Wildland Firefighter.  A recent GORUCK Challenger, I rip my mountain bike down rugged trails, bike 50-100+ mile treks on my road bike, ski in high altitude mountains, have hiked 14,000' peaks of Colorado, squeeze in rock climbing on occasion and jump out of perfectly good airplanes.  Yes, I've also participated in multiple obstacle course racing events including Spartan Races.  Balance all of this with entrepreneurship and a consulting with a BS degree in Marketing and Psychology.

What: The short story, LIVETHEFUEL was created from my lifestyle and my mantra phrase, Live The Fired Up Epic Life.  The inspiration came from my years trying to live by the famous Ernest Hemmingway quote, "Live Life To The Fullest".

Why: I'm hoping my years of experience can be used to inspire you to set new goals, exceed your own expectations, and motivate you to find new life adventures.  Experiences are derived from years spent in startups, telecom corporate ladder life; service as a USFS Hotshot Wildland Firefighter; and now life as a Solopreneur aka solo Entrepreneur.  Side hustling fun over the years included Bar Bouncer, Bartender, Spinning Instructor, USSA Ski Race Coach, and recently a CrossFit CFL1 Trainer.

Latest Podcast Episodes

Episode 016- CoreFit Chiropractic with Dr. Mark Walter on LIVETHEFUEL

016: CoreFit Chiropractic with Dr. Mark Walter

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Episode 015- You Evolving Now with Andre Young on LIVETHEFUEL

015: Are You Evolving Now?!

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Episode 014- The Instaguy with Tony Huynh on LIVETHEFUEL Instagram

014: Build Instagram with Asian Bodybuilder, The InstaGuy, Tony Huynh

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Quick Note on Scott

Your Host, Chief intrEpid Officer and Founder of LIVETHEFUEL.  Living The Fired Up Epic Life involves focus as a health nut, adrenaline junkie, professional, who loves inspiring others to achieve more lifestyle freedoms.  My "Free time", is spent mixing it up Coaching CrossFit, Ski Racing, and lots of biking.  Additional free time is balanced around organizing charity events, mountain biking, road cycling, rock climbing, skiing obviously, an occasional skydive and anything else that gets the energy flowing.  Life is short people, so get outside and live it more fully!

Your gift, my Super 7's Resource Guide

This guide contains 21 of my top online resource tips that I've used for my own, never ending health, business, and mindset goals.  E-Books, Podcasts, Digital Audiobook's and more.  Plus 7 additional entrepreneurial tools that I've used to get my own online businesses going.  All of this is to simply help FUEL your Startup Health & Businesses.

We all deserve the Freedom Trifecta of Time Freedom, Location Freedom, and Financial Freedom... Let's do this!