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Scott is a health nut, adrenaline junkie, coach, sales, and marketing professional. Some of his passions include mountain biking, road cycling, skiing, CrossFit, hiking, rock climbing, skydiving, and philanthropy.

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The Purpose

LIVETHEFUEL is here to help "FUEL Your Health, Business, and Lifestyle!" The podcast show's purpose is to share our co-hosts struggles and their successes along with my own. Our target is to help influence and grow success for the Generation X and Millennial generations.

The podcast and content's purpose is to FUEL your internal fire's! To help you go after your dreams and conquer that supposedly unattainable goal We all deserve to achieve Time Freedom, Location Freedom and Financial Freedom... Your own Freedom Trifecta!

Who, What, Why?

Scott W. Mulvaney, strives to LIVETHEFUEL by focusing on balancing the Health, Business, and Lifestyle domains. He's a former Hotshot Wildland Firefighter, obsessed mountain biker, road cyclist, skier, climber, 14er hiker, skydiver, passionate outdoors enthusiast, and CrossFit Trainer.

Scott has grown through successful roles in big business aka corporate world, public service, fitness and now as a contractor and entrepreneur. His successful roles have included Coaching, Training, Management, Sales and Marketing. Scott helps you, the client, "Control How You Exist" through Brand development, Social Media, Sales and Marketing growth.

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