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The Mission

A mission statement? I left the big business, corporate world for a reason.  So I'm keeping it simple here.  LIVETHEFUEL has a simple purpose: to FUEL your Health, Business, and Lifestyle.

To some of you, the very idea of launching that next big thing is daunting.  Whether it's that terrible four letter word of a "diet"; a new business idea; your online image aka brand; etc.  My new show will help you with the knowledge and stories shared from my co-hosts and new interviewed relationships that are built.  I hope to FUEL your fire and help you implement the next steps towards that said unattainable goal.


My mantra, now brand, was created from many nights of keyword post-it notes on the wall.  All of those notes were used to help me put together the right keywords to hopefully help you, the follower, the listener, understand who, what, and why LIVETHEFUEL.

The short story, LIVETHEFUEL was created from the phrase Live The Fired Up Epic Life.  It's core inspiration channeled from the famous Ernest Hemmingway quote, "Live Life To The Fullest".  That statements inspiration has come from years spent in the startup world; the big business aka corporate life; two years as a USFS Hotshot Wildland Firefighter; and finally making a go as an independent contractor, marketing consultant and solorpreneur.  Let's not forget years spent in my supposed free time balancing life part time in roles including a Spinning Instructor, USSA Ski Race Coach, and more recently a CrossFit CFL1 Trainer aka Coach.

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Quick Note on Scott and the Show

Scott W. Mulvaney, Chief intrEpid Officer and Founder of LIVETHEFUEL. An Independent Marketing Consultant and Podcaster.  My "Free time"? It's spent as an avid CrossFitter, Mountain Biker, Road Cyclist, Skier, Rock Climber, occasional Skydiver, former USFS Hotshot Wildland Firefighter, and more...

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