Coaching with Rob Eschbach

Coaching with Rob Eschbach

Welcome Rob Eschbach, LIVE, In My Home Studio:

Rob is a husband, proud father of three girls, and a fit entrepreneur. He is the founder of F13 Performance in Allentown, PA, which has reached 10 years of success in business in 2024.

Quote: It Starts With You! ~ Rob Eschbach of F13 Performance

Rob has built 27 years of fitness industry experience in his career so far. He has acquired many accolades and education to position himself strongly as a leader in the fitness world. Here are just a few hot points:

  • Enlifted L2 Coach
  • CrossFit L2
  • USAW Sports Performance
  • USA Kettlebell
  • Power Monkey Gymnastics
  • CrossFit Games Coach
  • Individual Design / HYPERFocus Coach
  • HYROX Coach


Today’s Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. Fit Focus
  2. Entrepreneurial Passions
  3. Coaching Mindset


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Timestamped Show Notes:

05:45– One of the biggest hurdles I had to get over was the sound of my own voice. So I recorded myself giving presentations while driving my truck, in front of a mirror, etc. I did 52 weeks of recording driving to work and I made sure I did it every week, for a year straight. Not for content creation and not for anybody else. Yes, there was good content there and I would make sure I posted on YouTube, even before I went into the office.

12:30 – As a coach, in both the mindset life coaching part of my business and the fitness part of my business, it doesn’t matter what side of the spectrum you’re on, you got to listen to your client first. 

43:30 – I work only with the lifestyle mindset coaching side of things, I don’t coach them in fitness. I coach them on their lives. We work through the victim mentality and impostor syndrome. Soft talking through the past experiences and the story work. These things take up space in us. We don’t realize they’re taking up space in us which means we can’t bring in new positive experiences. Because this something that is still holding on to us from the past, that we haven’t learned to express or let go of or deal with. It’s blocking us from moving forward. This happened to me, the reason I am more successful now than I was four years ago, is because four years ago, I had a block. I knew I had a block. 

50:00 – I am often focused on the mindset coaching and lifestyle coaching which are my passions that I do outside of the gym. You have to be ready for those conversations. I had a local business that hired me and it was a six week program where I brought them through how to structure, how to plan, and they didn’t respond well to the one the week with what I had designed. They all bottled up got really closed off. It was a big time tough room. I felt it and you could feel that in the owner too. So I pivoted and I flipped the script.

01:17:30 – Final Words


Our Final Words of the Show:

That’s probably why I came out so happy today. It’s one of the things why I shut my mind off for an hour. I focused on whether I was not flat footed or was on my toes or rotating enough. Or like how I was striking or if I was connected to every movement I did. I was listening and learning and taking criticism. It was awesome.

That’s pretty cool and more people need to experience that. That feeling to just be centered and focused that hard on anything could be lifechanging, and it doesn’t have to be a athletic endeavor. It could be art, it could be music, or it could be the freeing experience like podcasting.


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