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The Pro Deal Discount Secret

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Pro Deal Discount Secret


I’m all about scoring the hookup on gear, products, etc. Especially if you are in a specialized field. For example, are you a certified trainer, spinning instructor, PSIA certified ski instructor, police officer, in the military or just a federal employee? There’s most likely a pro form aka pro deal opportunity out there for you to save money on your products and/or gear in relation to your specialty or industry. I find myself constantly educating people on pro deals, this should be such a secret! Ergo, this is why I am sharing this.

Special note, spend more on the quality, reputable gear the first time. You’ll be replacing gear a lot less and saving money in the long run.

A pro deal aka pro form is a way for high end products companies to provide special pricing to individuals who work in certain industries. I started learning about saving money through pro deals for my ski gear back when I first started working with a ski race team. Our race director had a pro form deal with Descente. To this day, that jacket is the highest performing jacket I’ve ever owned! Check them out at

A lot of my ski industry deals come directly through manufacturer representatives, aka the local independent sales rep. There are also a lot of benefits for being a member or a certified member of organizations such as PSIA and USSA. As a USSA Race Coach I can even get discounts on buying a new Audi. You can review USSA memberships at With a PSIA annual membership, I get deals with Patagonia, Subaru and more. If anyone has ever looked at buying “PataGucci” aka Patagonia, you’ll learn to appreciate these deals. Check them PSIA out at A quick note on Patagonia, you truly do get what you pay for with them. The gear is so worth it, I love Patagonia’s quality and their economic footprint initiatives. You can check them out at

Now let’s really share some cool awareness. Federal Employees. I was really opened up to crazy savings when I was a federal firefighter. We didn’t get paid very well, however when it came to pro deal discounts, it seemed to be limitless. Federal employees in law enforcement, military, medical, fire, etc. get crazy special treatment for pro form orders. So a big THANKS to all companies who support our public service employees with these discount programs.

Many companies have managed their own pro forms directly by having special online accounts that you have to set up directly. In recent years, many have started outsourcing them to special membership sites like You’ve got to check this site out, the lists of companies and groups seems limitless. So get on there and see if you may qualify for a discount account!

I currently have pro deals for ski gear, mountain biking gear, road cycling, rock climbing, CrossFit fitness products and more. Yes some of these took some manual work, that’s why I’m sharing the heads up. Let’s help you and others all save some time and money. Granted certifications do help. I’m no longer a federal employee, however I’m still a certified Spinning Instructor, USSA Ski Race Coach, and a CrossFit L1 Trainer. If you don’t think there’s enough opportunity out there, just check out the huge list of companies through that site

“He who dies with the most toys wins. Because the more you know, the less you need.” – Yvon Chouinard (Patagonia Founder & CEO)


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