The Real Food Wave Part 2

The Real Food Wave Randy Lee

What is The Real Food Wave, part 2, with Mito Man Randy Lee:

Randy (The Mito Man) is an independent researcher, author, and citizen scientist who’s both blessed and cursed to have been born with a fanatical need to know. Today he’s a reality/false-reality decoder. But he must have been an inventor or reporter in a previous life, because he loves searching for the perfect way to say and do things.

Quote: Let food be thy medicine. ~ Hippocrates

His past work includes Gut-Brain Secrets, which is all about food quality — both the inputs that create it, and the outcomes to people and planet. His latest work, The Mitochondriac Manifesto, aims to overturn our old beliefs about where health or sickness comes from, in light of what we now know about mitochondria, seasonal cycles, and energies in and around the body.

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Today’s Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. Future Ancestral Farming Practices.
  2. “The Real Food Wave” is here!
  3. Ancestrally Nutrient Dense Food.


Today’s Guest & Resource Links:

R.D. Lee’s Book: The Mitochondriac Manifesto: How Nature Nurtures the Body, and Technology Torments It

Randy Lee’s Book: Gut-Brain Secrets: Causes and Solutions to Gut, Brain and Body Dysfunction

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Timestamped Show Notes:

00:30 – Introduction

09:15 – What they’re discovering is people assume that organic means it’s more nutritious, but no, it actually is not. The data is showing that it’s actually below average. The Certified Organic is below average, but the uncertified organic, when the farmers adhere to certain practices, they actually grow above average nutritional produce. They’ve shown things like cover cropping and various other practices will now produce stuff that is just across the board good or bad. Hydroponic is shown to be below average. This is very interesting because when you return to the ancestral farming practices, you are also going to return to the ancestral results we used to get when obesity was uncommon, Cancer was rare, and Heart Disease was rare. So imagine a world where chronic disease almost didn’t exist!

19:30 – Dr. Jack Kruse says half truths turn into full lies and so they repeat them. First they deplete it with their processing of grains and stuff, and then they put all this stuff back or else it would be even more nutritionally deficient than it already is. So they can put something on the label. But what I’m saying is the entire industry is moving beyond the labels, where they are going to have the ability to see all of these rare earth minerals and higher order compounds, and they can report that in real time.

31:20 – It is a worldwide movement. Whether it originates in the USA and spreads elsewhere, or it originates abroad and comes to the US. This is the direction that the entire food supply is going. So like I say, it’s going to be unstoppable. Soon, because the technology is already been well underway, it’s not new, it’s more like about to go out of beta release into general release.

40:00 – That goes back to nutrition and toxins because when you don’t have the correct nutrition, your DNA can’t repair itself. The proteins can’t produce the right energy in the body and it can’t detoxify. So you increase the nutritional value of the stuff you’re eating and you will automatically be healthier. You can’t help it.

45:00 – “The Grand Unified Field Theory of Manifestation” ~ Randy Lee

51:15 – You need that whole cycle to really complete it and manifest in a powerful way. Like the law of attraction, they overly focus on just the positive because fear and love are polar opposites in love, it’s twice the energy level, it’s literally a faster wave form. So the reason why it works and is more powerful than fear is because it has twice as much opportunity to intersect with reality. But that’s where a lot of people get things wrong, focusing on one thing and not another.

01:18:00 – Final Words Shown Below…


Our Final Words of the Show:

I did want to mention people can donate to Dan Kittredge’s nonprofit, it’s tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. I don’t have anything to do with their company, or their entity right now. But I’m kind of involved in ancillary way at this point.


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