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Functional Medicine, Cancer, Disease, PEMF, and Cleansing

Functional Medicine, Cancer, Disease, PEMF, and Cleansing – Truly Heal, Marcus Freudenmann

Is Cancer Curable Now? Today’s Health Podcast is with Marcus Freudenmann of Truly Heal: Marcus Freudenmann is the Producer of the documentary “CANCER is curable NOW” and the directors cut “TRULY HEAL from CANCER” and director of the TRULY HEAL academy. Marcus has dedicated his life to educating the public on how to perform therapies,…

068: Healthy PEMF Technology with Allie Ochs

068 Healthy PEMF Technology Allie Ochs

Your PEMF Technology Co-Host: Today our latest co-host teaches us about PEMF Technology in relation to rebuilding and maintaining our health and overall healthy lifestyles. We discuss her company PEMF Global along with Swiss Bionic and a whole lot more today! Special thanks to Dr. Glenn Nozek of Physicians On A Mission for helping us get…

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