Functional Medicine, Cancer, Disease, PEMF, and Cleansing

Functional Medicine, Cancer, Disease, PEMF, and Cleansing – Truly Heal, Marcus Freudenmann

Is Cancer Curable Now? Today’s Health Podcast is with Marcus Freudenmann of Truly Heal:

Marcus Freudenmann is the Producer of the documentary “CANCER is curable NOW” and the directors cut “TRULY HEAL from CANCER” and director of the TRULY HEAL academy. Marcus has dedicated his life to educating the public on how to perform therapies, which are proven to work in many international clinics and at home, saving patients money. Marcus travels regularly around the world determined to provoke change by educating on cause finding and alternative cancer therapies. Marcus offers Functional Medicine Health Coach education and support to thousands in the form of newsletters, webinars, courses and videos including the education of Ozone, PEMF and Hyperthermia treatments.


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00:30 – Introduction

10:00 – Three different patients, three different treatment protocols, three different approaches to achieve the same issue, to get rid of breast cancer. That’s when for the first time it dawned on me that instead of looking at the disease and trying to kill the tumor or trying to destroy the cancer, we look at the patient and actually look at their circumstances. That’s when we started out to really make that big shift and put everything together. Since then, I’ve worked with the most outstanding doctors around the world who do functional medicine and we’ve put together a map. On our website, this map really shows all the different areas that we need to take. It starts really simple, like we’ve got health and gut health, which comes in so many different variations to graph too.

20:00 – That’s why if a patient comes in, they’re in a critical situation, if I add on top of their critical, stressful situation, then a complete shift to a different diet. It may help but it also may not so that’s why we are where we are in our approach, very scientific. You can just make blind recommendations, everybody does that today. All the internet is filled with blind recommendations though, it helps do this. Everybody tries out pretty much everything without considering their personal situation and that’s why functional medicine goes a lot back into that area.

30:00 – Let me just tell that one little story, if you go into a movie and you watch a movie, and there is an actor, and that actor gets into trouble, and then you stay with that actor and you wish for them, and you hope that they get through and then they overcome the problem and they come out at the end as the hero right? We love that in a movie! Well, if we look at our own life, do we love it? The same way if we get into trouble? Do we stand to our own character and say, well, we overcome the problem and we learn from it. We grow from it. No, we usually abandoned, we don’t want to be associated with any of it. We want to push that away and that’s something that I found as soon as we appreciate the problem. As soon as we embrace the problem and say, look, it is now part of my life and afterwards I’ll be stronger and more powerful, well, then that’s what we should do. Embrace the disease and not try to get rid of it.

40:00 – The magnetic field that builds up, that is what protects our Earth from outside influences from the universe, from the radiation. It holds us on the surface. It’s the magnetic field, and it’s in moments between zero and 60 hertz. It’s that natural rumbling of the earth and that is a frequency that we absorb. That makes our bones strong, that enlightens every cell, without EMF or without that magnetic field, we would not be able to survive. That’s what they recognized when they went to space and the astronauts were away from the earth field of the Earth, and their health was going down, their white blood cell count was going down there, the whole body disintegrated. They’re in a magnetic field that is increased in that ship to keep them healthy and they discovered benefits of pulsed electromagnetic fields. The static magnetic field doesn’t have that influence. It needs to be that motion, that movement that couldn’t see to enliven ourselves and that’s what we recreate with the device.

50:00 – Well, animals respond really well to PEMF, we do horses. There’s no Derby winner, no race horse in the world that has not received PEMF, you know they are. If you have a whole site worth a million dollars, you will pay $20,000 for a device without a problem. Every racehorse is treated with PEMF, for example, you can correct that gate. You know, if they run a little bit sideways, one side, you know not in line. They can treat that by counter balancing the other side like repair sacral area which is very effective.

56:50 – Final Words


Our Final Words of the Show:

We must learn to empower ourselves to live a healthy, radiant life and appreciate the growth from these unfortunate diseases. Disease is not a bad thing, but actually a help of the universe for you to evolve, grow and become the best you can be. The disease is actually not a bad thing, it helps us to grow exponentially.


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