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From Marketing To Health Enthusiast Turned DNA Coach

From Marketing To Health Enthusiast Turned DNA Coach

Karen Kelly Transformed from Marketing to Health Enthusiast, Turned DNA Coach: Karen is a former marketing professional, turned teacher, turned self-taught health enthusiast who has turned away from the standard American diet and lifestyle as well as the current model of Western medicine to treat and reverse a variety of medical conditions, some more serious…

072: Estrogenics, Chagrin & Tonic, Estrogeneration with author Dr. Jay

072 Estrogenics Chagrin Tonic Anthony G Jay PHD LIVETHEFUEL

Estrogenics and your Estrogeneration Co-Host, Dr. Jay: Our latest co-host is the highly knowledgeable author of Book 1 from the Chagrin & Tonic series known as Estrogeneration. Besides being quite knowledgeable on Estrogenics, Dr. Jay is also the founder and president of the AJ Consulting Company in Delaware, USA. Dr. Jay earned a B.A. with…

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