From Marketing To Health Enthusiast Turned DNA Coach

From Marketing To Health Enthusiast Turned DNA Coach

Karen Kelly Transformed from Marketing to Health Enthusiast, Turned DNA Coach:

Karen is a former marketing professional, turned teacher, turned self-taught health enthusiast who has turned away from the standard American diet and lifestyle as well as the current model of Western medicine to treat and reverse a variety of medical conditions, some more serious than others, for both herself and members her family.

Quote: “Just because something is common doesn’t mean it’s normal.”

(paraphrase of a Robb Wolf-ism) 

Truth be told, she has no formal health or science education, so if she can tackle the mess that is our current state of health and wellness then so can the listeners of this podcast. She lives in Boston, MA with her husband and son and works as a DNA coach for Dr. Anthony Jay at his company, AJ Consulting, which is based in Minnesota.


Top 3 Hot Point Takeaways:

  1. Negative impacts of estrogen
  2. Learning more about Endometriosis
  3. DNA Coaching


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Timestamped Show Notes:

00:30 – Introduction

04:30 – We had a lot of just table conversations about health and wellness. He knows my story pretty well. So when he started to grow AJ consulting he decided to add on the coaches so that people could get access to this. He gave me the opportunity to join in and I mean, if you think the guy is great, and you really respect what he does. He’s remarkable and he’s doing some great work and I’m psyched.

12:35 – The truth is that we talked about this a little bit before, I love that he didn’t go to medical school. I love that he became a biochemist, and it’s doing things this way because it gets him out of that sort of rat race of like, prescribe and then kick them out of your office and prescribe and kick him out. He does great work and he’s impacting people on a grand scale. He can’t do it all and people were having to wait months to speak with Anthony.

20:00 – I always pronounce it wrong as a shotgun but it’s the chagrin progress. Chagrin meaning this is too bad and tonic being like this is how we solve it. So he does address the series which is called Chagrin and Tonic. He has more books under that series ready to come out. Estrogeneration is the title of this book.

30:00 – People are sort of looking at the risks associated with IVF. All of the drugs that you’re putting into your system to achieve that. Like we were just saying, of many people are suffering from infertility. People are willing to look at this thing called natural procreate.

41:40 – So he basically did a revision on his software, and it does go a little bit deeper. So I have never seen any of the documents from his old software. I just wanted to say this to clarify the improvements. The look and feel of it looks the same as far as this is a style. I’d have to bring up the different report and put them up with side by side.

48:45 – So it’s just the sweat as long as you’re sweating it out of the bike rides are probably the best because you’re in the heat too.

01:04:00 – Final Words


Our Final Words of the Show:

The only message I can give is for people to not be afraid to hold themselves and their medical professionals accountable for what’s going on in your own body. You don’t have to settle for somebody telling you something that you feel like is insufficient. But you do have to be accountable for finding the information yourself. A lot of it’s out there. So you just be your own advocate.


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