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032: Dr. Jarrod Spencer Sports Psychologist Mind of the Athlete Founder


Dr. Jarrod Spencer Sports Psychologist Mind of the Athlete Founder

You don’t have to suffer in silence. Your emotional health can have a massive impact on your performance. Today’s Co-Host can help lay the path to a clearer mind. On this episode we complete the set with Sports Psychologist Dr. Jarrod Spencer founder of Mind of the Athlete. A spiritual calling lead to the creation of a sports psychology company with the mission to help improve the emotional health of athletes. Now with a book Mind of the Athlete: Clearer Mind Better Performance.


On This Episode You Will Hear:

  • [02:35] What made Psychologist Dr. Jarrod create Mind of the Athlete?
  • [03:35] What does it really mean to be tough?
  • [05:56] The biggest commonality they are finding among college athletes is they are incredible tired, emotionally overwhelmed, over scheduled, over extended and on average the college athlete is sleeping six hours per night. There not getting the recommended 9.2 hours of sleep that they need for great optimal performance. If you do not have good sleep and are not well rested you will see a spike in anxiety, depression and frustration.
  • [08:25] In 2016 Psychologist Jarrod was brought in to an insurance company called Kelly, three days each month to roll out there Mind of the Leader training. Mind of the Leader is a brand off of Mind of the Athlete containing much of the same content but packaged for business clientele.
  • [10:17] The Mind of brands are based off of the book by Jack Canfield Chicken Soup for the Soul.
  • [12:17] Mind of the Athlete took off as a company four years ago.
  • [12:57] S. Truett Cathy founder of Chick-fil-a, was a big influence on Psychologist Jarrod. His first mentor was the boxer Larry Holmes. They started a TV show together called ‘What the heck were they thinking’

  • [16:07] Larry taught Psychologist Jarrod, no matter where you go, really engage and be kind to people. It doesn’t matter who you are or how famous you get its really about staying humble and staying connected. A quote from Sports Illustrated:
“Larry you’ve made millions and millions of Dollars in your life time, why don’t you live in New York city with all the other famous people?” He said “Well, if I lived in New York City I would have to keep up with the Joneses but if I stay here in Lehigh Valley people have to keep up with the Holmeses” 
  • [17:53] Power of community and the power of the people you are surrounding yourself with
  • [20:07] Mind of the Athlete book foreword by Matt Millen 4x Super Bowl Champion.
  • [21:05] Getting people to think differently, getting them to understand how the mind works best.
  • [23:48] What Millennials are looking for the most is a mentor but the spot when people are true and when they are not.
  • [25:29] They find that the athletes are easier to get through. It’s the coaches that are harder to receive and understand the messaging. A third of the coaches love what they do, the middle third are open to it and the final third believe what they are doing is making the athletes “Soft”.
  • [26:33] When the student is ready the teacher will appear
  • [27:12] Pioneering mental health in sports and in society
  • [30:16] Mind of the Athletes YouTube channel has over 500 videos. Providing the right medium for the right audience
  • [31:40] Receiving a heart felt phone call
  • [34:15] Mind of the Athlete: Clearer Mind Better Performance
  • [35:45] When selling your book, put together bundles or packages
  • [37:53] Bringing in a spiritual level when appropriate
  • [40:55] Final Words

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Final Words

There’s help and there is hope out there. Even though we live in a society that’s very busy. We don’t often have time to have deep, real conversions with each other about what is going on in our pre-conscious minds. The truth is, there are people out there like us, that love to come alongside people and engage them in how a person is doing. We’ve got the skills, resources, the platform, the people, the brand and the bandwidth to serve individuals, teams and companies so that they can feel better. Because when you feel better, you think and perform better!

There’s help, there’s hope and there is a path ahead that they can take you on.

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