Pandemic Anxiety, Crisis, and Inter-Generational Trauma with Nima Rahmany

Anxiety, Crisis, and Inter-Generational Trauma with Nima Rahmany

Today we discuss Pandemic Triggers, Anxiety, Mindset, Healing, and More:

Dr. Nima Rahmany, DC, CCWP is both a Chiropractor and an educator, specializing in helping individuals and professionals get to the ROOT CAUSE of their physical and emotional challenges, from stressed, depressed, and anxious to living Powerfully Aligned and on Purpose. After building a successful Chiropractic practice in Maple Ridge, BC, Dr. Nima sold his clinic in June 2016 to pursue his passion for teaching and coaching professionals who are stressed, depressed, and anxious to transform and have their best year ever— in both a private and corporate setting.

“The highest form of forgiveness is the authentic recognition that everything served and there is nothing to forgive.” – Quote Dr. Nima Rahmany


Dr. Nima has integrated all the mind-body tools in his quest for healing stress-related disorders into one, simple to follow a method called “The Overview Method”, which is “ the adjustment above atlas” that he teaches one-on-one and in groups all over the world in his engaging and “edutaining” lectures filled with inspired authenticity and “edutainment”.



Top 3 Hot Point Takeaways:

  1. Healing Journies
  2. Healing Mindset
  3. Become Triggerproof


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Timestamped Show Notes:

00:30 – Introduction

09:10 – Essentially, that moment between stimulus, the trigger, and the response gives us so much information. It’s that space between stimulus and response. It is how we naturally have a tendency to react unconsciously which is the code of all of our primary wounding that didn’t start with us and it didn’t even start with our parents. It’s been going on from generation to generation.

20:15 – I don’t think everybody can think or talk about what you and I are talking about right now. Yes, but it’s okay because I was there one time to where I couldn’t talk about this. I had to learn these things and then I had to test these things. I had to then realize that first of all, I said I would never get married too So you’re kind of energy, you’re what they are called an Avoidant Attachment Style, which is the same as me, man, my heart was all locked up.

30:00 – I have the freedom to make everything happen in my current state. I can actually attest to this because I’ve said I mentioned stuff like this on other shows, because that’s part of the freedom, right? I don’t care what the hell I say on my show these days because I love that freedom of not worrying about what anybody else thinks. My vulnerability is wide open and I’ve had people appreciate that I actually am this honest and transparent. There is true power in transparency.

40:00 – So we have to unfuck your nervous system. It starts with that, and it goes into healing your codependent patterns. Even like in your euthanize case, Scott, where we were in that state of insecure avoidance. There’s also the other type, which is the insecure kind of anxious attached. So to heal those wounds I discovered that I was going to be a dad. Then I put a ring on it, and we just decided to get married, we’re going to have a baby. All of this is so that we can create a community of people around the world who are taking responsibility for using this time to heal their past attachment wounds. I created a website, a Facebook group called “Trigger Proof: Regulate Stress & Strengthen Immunity during a Crisis” to help show people how to regulate stress and strengthen immunity during a crisis. I give transmissions every day.

50:00 – We have a huge spike in divorces and breakups are going through the roof. Why? Because we can’t stop and nobody has been dealing with their shit. We can’t bullshit any longer. The ability to take a conflict, let’s say you and I are friends, and we get into a disagreement. Normally, I’ll be like, Fuck you, I’m out of here. Like, I don’t want to hear from you. Versus, okay, well this is what I came up for me, Scott, when this happened, and to take that conflict between us and create a deeper bond out of it, a deeper relationship out of it. Those two skills, if you can learn that, and master that and invest in the growth in the learning of that, not only will you come through the COVID pandemics, like a chain war gliding through, but throughout your entire life, the quality of every relationship, which is what makes your life experience so worth it will completely transform.

58:47 – Final Words


Our Final RAP of the Show:

I’m gonna leave you with a little rap that I wrote. Ah, there we go. Okay. All right. When they tell you let it go, you can try with all your might. The problems that your nervous system still in fight or flight, the stress ain’t gone. It’s still in plain sight. You got to find a way to turn around the fight. My name is Dr. Nima adjusting spines is my game. Now I’m spitting lyrics to me. It’s all the same. correcting your structure, improving what you eat, dissolving your stress by adjusting your beliefs. I wasn’t born a rapper but I’m a rapper at heart. It connects me to my young and my playful part. I’m in my mid-40s Is that too late to start what I’m lacking in my rap technique I make up for with heart. The dancing the rhymes, healing spines, and minds combining everything you love makes you feel fine. So don’t hold back. If there’s a song you need to sing and dance like you don’t care who’s watching.


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