126: Corporate to the Simple Firefighting Life and Vulnerability with Lori Rochino

Corporate to the Simple Firefighting Life and Vulnerability with Lori Rochino and LIVETHEFUEL Scott Mulvaney

Our mutual podcast launch of this interview on the power of vulnerability with Lori on her Simply Designed Life Podcast:

On this episode, I’m actually getting interviewed by Lori Rochino for her Simply Designed Life Podcast. So we decided to do our first mutual or dual launch of the episode on her show as well as here on LIVETHEFUEL! Lori launched this episode as a Part I and Part II style release for her podcast.

Here’s more about Lori… Lori Rochino’s own struggle with being overwhelmed and information overload led her to the declutter coaching and productivity world where she aims to use the 80/20 rule (Pareto Principle) in almost everything she does. Her professional background is in marketing communications for financial services and startups. Her work has appeared in both national and local outlets. She is the author of Fifty Shades of Simple: How to Prioritize in the Age of Information Overload.

On This Episode You Will Hear:

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