004: Physical Therapy Startups with Travis Robbins MSPT, CSCS, FAAOMPT


Today, we are onsite with the Physical Therapy Startup man himself, Travis Robbins. He’s one of the well-known physical therapists in the Greater Lehigh Valley of Eastern Pennsylvania. Robbins is the right guy in this show because he can help you understand why therapeutic exercise along with functional training are the cornerstones of good health and lifestyle. All while showing us the trials and tribulations of starting up a business.

Physical therapists examine their clients and develop an actionable plan of care that restores function, promotes movement, reduces pain and prevents disability. They work with a patient, family members, and other healthcare providers to make sure goals of the plan of care are carried out, and the patient outcomes are optimal. Part of their work is to ensure that there is balance in health, business, and lifestyle. 

As it always, this is a great entertaining conversation show packed with great ideas and content that you can translate into your life, in order to FUEL your internal fire. Tune in and enjoy your dose of LIVETHEFUEL.

Today’s Physical Therapy Co-host

Travis Robbins is the co-owner of Robbins Rehabilitation and the proud father of four children Macy, Harrison and Cade, Delaney. He was born in Upstate New York and grew up milking cows on his parent’s dairy milking farm. Just like other children growing up in American ‘not affluent’ neighborhoods, Travis participated in sports like baseball, basketball, and football.

Travis holds Master of Science Degree in Physical Therapy from Ithaca College. He developed the passion of pursuing further studies in physical therapy after a lot of injuries while basketball, football and playing baseball in high school and university.

In 2003, he left his position as a clinical director of a large corporate physical therapy center to start Robbins Rehabilitation. This center is based in Allentown, Pennsylvania and has highly trained and experienced physical therapists. However, they have also opened other offices,now totaling five different locations, all committed to the word “better”. They have better therapists who guarantee better results. All of this means that their clients have a better experience.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • [01:02] When did they start Robbins Rehabilitation? The struggles that Travis has encountered and where the motivation came from. How he manages to move forward despite many challenges.
  • [10:14] It is not a lack of resources but the lack of resourcefulness, and this is what makes many people get stuck or want to quit in what they do.
  • [12:02] Why an employee’s mentality is dangerous? How you break this mold.
  • [18:02] Getting recommendations by your medical practitioner; is it legal?
  • [22:19] The power of freedom of thought and decision. How Travis and his team are getting that message out there in their marketing. How do they get clients despite the strong competition out there?
  • [27:02] What do the physical therapists and PTA’s do. How can you become one of them or what qualifications are needed?
  • [34:14] The importance of scalability in business building.
  • [37:00] What Travis and his team are doing differently that sets them above their competitors.
  • [41:11] No matter what industry you are in or whatever you are doing right now, look at what other industries are doing and get the motivation and experiences from them.

And Much Much More

Travis started Robbins Rehabilitation together with his twin brother, Todd Robbins, in 2003. They had some money saved up, which they used to open a small center in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He got the motivation and the financial support from his wife. In fact, Travis reveals that through everything that he has done or screwed up, his wife has always been there for him.

You have to put part of yourself (not your entire self) into anything you are doing to achieve success. When you run into obstacles, if you are still around, you have to find a way around it. You have to become more resourceful.

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Travis and I also discussed a little bit about employee’s mentality vs an entrepreneur’s mentality. People are always going to direct you to do what they’re doing right. They will always discourage you from doing what your heart desires. They will tell you that you can’t manage or succeed. You need to break the mold. I mean people who get out, can create change and new beginnings.

We also touched a little bit about the freedom of thought and decision nowadays, which I think too many people are afraid of. There are several physical therapists and physical therapy businesses out there, the competition for clients or patients in this sense, is very high. Travis revealed that they go after the 93 % of patients who don’t get a prescription from their medical practitioners, and use various marketing strategies to reach them.

Another thing that we discussed in this episode is scalability. If you want to build something that is successful, you have got to figure out your system. And part of the system has to be scalability. So if you are interested in that, then read The E-Myth by Michael Gerber.

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