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Future of Functional Fitness Collegiate Championship USAFF

The Future of Functional Fitness Collegiate Champtionship USAFF

Listen in to learn the Future of Functional Fitness and the new Collegiate Championship, USAFF event:   What is the USAFF: USA Functional Fitness (USAFF) is the national governing body for competitive functional fitness in the United States of America. USAFF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and grow the functional fitness…

041: Acuity Scheduling & Time Management

041: Acuity Scheduling & Virtual Time Management with Gavin Zuchlinski

Scheduling Virtually: On this episode of LIVETHEFUEL, we bring you a great example of taking a side hustle full time. Discovering a scheduling pain point while working on a web design for clients, Gavin Zuchlinski created Acuity Scheduling a by-product of working on his side hustle. On This Episode You Will Hear: [spp-timestamp time=”07:42″] Scheduling out your day to…

016: CoreFit Chiropractic with Dr. Mark Walter

Episode 016- CoreFit Chiropractic with Dr. Mark Walter on LIVETHEFUEL

CoreFit teaches us patience:   I love to go out and meet with my co-host’s live and in person. Today I am at a local chiropractor office here in Allentown, Pennsylvania. We are meeting with a newly independent entrepreneur and chiropractor here in 2016. A husband of an old friend of mine as well, it’s…

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