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248: Building Biology, Healthy, & Wholesome Houses

Healthy Podcast 248: Building Biology, Healthy, & Wholesome Houses

A Huge Healthy House Welcome To Our First Healthy Home Strategist. Courtney Is a Health Coach For Your House Because Wellness Begins In Wholesome Houses:

Our Wholesome Houses Co-Host is a healthy housing strategist, real estate investor, and concerned wife and mom.  In addition to consulting others on household health, she is also designing her own radically wholesome house in the hot and humid Emerald Coast of Florida.  Courtney’s goal is to help you improve your family’s health and wellbeing by addressing the health hazards that exist in your home environment.



“Proper nutrition, regular movement, and lots of sunshine and laughter will take you far on your journey toward epic health. However, I believe they don’t go far enough. A truly holistic approach to health and well-being must also address one’s home environment.”

~ Courtney Lebedzinski


Courtney’s Story

It took me far too long to connect the dots between my health and my house. At my worst, I was a new mom eating a clean Paleo diet, but suffering immeasurably from neurologic issues, sleep disturbances, skin conditions, and debilitating IBS-like symptoms. I never once considered that my symptoms might be related to my new house.

Luckily, my husband’s job allows us to relocate regularly, and not long after moving several states away, my symptoms subsided. Like, totally gone.

Now I’m on a mission to help other families recognize the relationship between their homes (and the stuff in them) and their health and wellbeing.



Top 3 Hot Points:

  1. What’s a Health Home?
  2. Biologically Compatible Lighting.
  3. Impacts of Mold, Moisture, and more.


Final Words:

It is just that everything that you do to improve your health at home is going to help. Please don’t get overwhelmed by this conversation. Please don’t get freaked out and let perfect be the enemy of better and just take some simple steps. Educate yourself and make your home a healthier place for you and your family.




Influencers Mentioned:


On This Episode You Will Hear:

  • [00:30] Introduction
  • [10:30] The cool thing that Dr. Jack Kruse is doing amazing stuff. I really respect his work, it can be tedious and for some people to read through some of this blog posts, it can be overwhelming. It’s a lot of knowledge and can be heavy on the science.
  • [20:35] A side note, I would say with regards to any sort of shielding is you really want to test it. You can do more damage than you do good and it’s really hard to know. It’s really hard to know unless you have a meter so a lot of smart commercial smart meter guards that you’ll buy are basically like a cup that sits over the thing which does force more stuff into your house.
  • [32:00] We’re going to talk about safety and maintenance. We do talk about lighting and lighting design. It is critically important I mean, life is basically everything when it comes to health. I’m convinced of this and so inside your home, you really want to mimic nature as much as possible. So just a quick tip on that is anytime that you’re on your computer or your cell phone if you can have your computer set up next to a window you’re going to be doing yourself a better favor because you’re letting in those natural red spectrums of light.
  • [42:55] Wi-Fi never shuts down, it is always transmitting and receiving. It’s in everything now it’s your smart meter, it’s your smart lights and your smart speakers. I mean it’s a smart everything and that to me, I feel like there needs to be another acronym. A new acronym is needed to teach people that this is not okay because it’s not a smart choice.
  • [59:13] Final Words


Action Steps:


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