Fathers Day Hustle

Yesterday was Father’s Day for many deserving men out there.  One of those deserving that recognition is my own father.  I figured I’d share the card and the personal comments I added to that card to reflect on Hustle and a Fathers Day Quote.  Part of being a solopreneur is developing the “Hustle” to overcome challenges and keep pushing to succeed.  Now at 37 years of age, I realize that my father was teaching that to us kids our whole lives.  Hustle is learned, earned, and must be exercised.  I hope you enjoy these card thoughts…

You have to love a father who worked and still works hard to ensure his family has everything they need…

You have to love a dad who teaches his children the values of family, respect, integrity and the importance of friendship.

You have to love a father who’s always there for you, even when he’s exhausted,

to help you,

to support you,

and to cheer you on.

To my father, Tom,

I’ve been challenge time and time again in life and business.  Years later, I’m now realizing, that your years of struggle in farming, while building your business was completely necessary.  Without struggle, mistakes, and challenges; we will not learn, grow, and succeed.

You’ve been teaching us, your children, this our entire lives.  Only now in recent years, am I noticing and realizing it.

Thank you for never giving up on us, your family, being available to listen, and always being ready to offer advice.

Please don’t stop being you dad, you truly are a rare find compared to a lot of struggling families from lack of parenting or other unfortunate role model situations.  Your teachings and guidance over the years was often ignored in our youth.  However, now years later, I’ve realized it has actually proven to be invaluable. Sorry it has taken us a third of a lifetime to realize it!


Today, I celebrate you, Dad.

I feel so lucky and proud

to have a great father

like you.

Fathers Day Scott Mulvaney 2015

Fathers Day Hustle 2015

Happy Father’s Day! Thank you again for the Hustle and a Fathers Day Quote.

I love you dad, more than I have shown… I’m always working on that though!

Love your son,


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