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The Freedom and Balance Of The Leanness Lifestyle:

With us today is Certified Wellness Coach, fitness expert, and author David Greenwalt. A husband, father, former police officer, gym owner, competitive state-level body builder, and powerlifter, in 1997, at age 32 and a body weight of 235 pounds, David discovered an evidence-based approach for getting off his own 50 excess pounds and keeping it off for 25 years and counting. Since 1999, through his company Leanness Lifestyle University, David has been helping student members, from every walk of life, get the truth, and strategies, to lose excess fat one more time for the last time.

‌Quote: “It’s not willpower, it’s why power that gets you to your goal.”


Today’s Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. Respectful Fear
  2. Confidence Matched with Humility
  3. Cocky = Very Bad

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Timestamped Show Notes:

05:00 – I finally ended up taking a leave of absence and then ended up leaving, I was an Illinois State Trooper and I ended up leaving because of fitness businesses that I had not the one I have now a different fitness business, I started, but it really took off. But, you know, throughout that I also even when I was a police officer, I was super interested in fitness. I was bodybuilding and powerlifting even when I was a police officer, as a police officer, I got as heavy as like 235 pounds as a power lifter, and I’d get down to 175 pounds for a bodybuilding competition.

13:15 – I think that if we’re coming in a couple different ways. From a department perspective, you know, obviously, like you said, unscripted, my thoughts go to leadership. Leadership is incredibly important in companies, in police departments, in anything. 

22:25 – Even though fitness has been in my kind of personal DNA, when I was a state trooper, I started a little supplement company. I thought, if I can just make enough money to pay for my own protein powder, I’ll be happy. So you know, we call it a side hustle now, but here was the thing, there was there was no internet then. So I placed little classified ads in the back of bodybuilding magazines like Flex Magazine, Ironman, and it was a toll free number and I couldn’t even answer the phone because I was a police officer working. So when I got the call they would have to leave a message.

33:00 – Why are we letting ourselves, and we’re capable of so much, go down that emotionally depressed path? How do we catch them sooner? How do we get them in-line sooner to help themselves? – It’s a great question. I think that part of the reason, I’ll give this quote, “For every complex problem, there’s an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.” Since it is a complex question, I’ll try not to just turn it into one thing, you know, do it reductionist. I’ll say this, I think that part of the answer is, if you have worked with people at all in the addiction space, it’s not always rational, because in my head when I was 32, I was rational but like what is going on here?

40:00 – There’s so much to focus on, and it’s more than just take personal responsibility and just buck up man. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and do this, except that we are in this incredibly obesogenic environment. By obesogenic, your listeners probably know what it means. But to me, it just means that all things external and internal that drive the overconsumption of ultra-processed food. The simple fact that ultra-processed food is addictive, which is also obesogenic. 

51:00 – One of the elements of emotional fitness is self-awareness. When you have more self-awareness, you are more conscious. What happens is, you go catastrophic, or you don’t go catastrophic. For example, if I had an argument with my spouse or my significant other, I’d say well, I guess we’re gonna end up divorced, I’ll be homeless, alone, living under a bridge penniless, nobody will ever love me ever again. Now I know, I’m exaggerating. But I think your listeners will all get that we all do that, to some extent, if something is really the thing that lights us up quick. What if something’s become what we call a conditioned, automated response. Conditioned as in like Pavlov’s dogs.

01:07:00 – Final Words


Our Final Words of the Show:

Honestly, it’s the reason I transitioned out of supplements. I sold a supplement company and I went all in on llcu. Because I started thinking about what were the what were the positive things that people were saying about me. And to me with regard to the supplements, hey, thanks for the great prices, the fast shipping, the protein that helped me get ready for the thing that whatever the thing was, and I went, I literally went, this was back in 9798, I went, I have got so much more in me than that. And on the back of my tombstone, I don’t want thanks for the fast shipping. Thanks for the, you know, the low prices. Thanks for that. I said, I want to really have done everything I can to help people transform truly transform from the inside out and have their lives be bettered not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, spiritually, in ways that transcend not only their life, but that they can then share with and help the next generation and the next generation and the next so. And so that’s why I’m so passionate about making sure people understand what they’re facing what’s going on. Because I want them to win, I really want them to win. And they can if they have the information and the support and the system. So I mean, that’s not really a pretty simple, you know, answer, but it really is all about helping people to be their best selves and have that transcend. I’ve got grandkids now, Scott. So I see my kids with their kids. Yeah, we were just there this weekend, we were in Dallas visiting and seeing the grandkids. I can’t tell you how important it is and how special it is for me to see, you know, the influence?


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