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This is a special reconnection session with Trey Downes of Your Superior Self Podcast:

In this episode, Trey Downes returns and we discuss lifestyle choices, starting with diet. This is a jointly released podcast that he also shared on his own show back in February 2020. You can listen to me back on his show Your Superior Self on podcast episodes Scott is a repeat guest and you can listen to him back on episode #39. Visit

Quote: There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self. – Ernest Hemmingway 

A super-condensed version of Trey’s story:

3 years ago I was silently working in my career. Not really wanting anything different. It’s funny, I’m not sure if the term is “woke” or “awaken”, however; I became conscious of a burning need to be more. I can’t really explain why, maybe its related to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, maybe I climbed the pyramid, and the last piece of the puzzle of the American Dream was self-actualization. Anyway, I started searching for external things to make me feel like I was growing. I started the podcast because I thought that I could grow it quickly and become rich and famous. I became “that guy” looking for sponsorships and quick ways to earn a buck for the podcast, to show that I was successful. I busted my ass and nearly lost everything, because of the need to prove myself.

To make a long story short, I became aware of what I truly am, a source of higher consciousness. I became aware that “I” was creating goals, and those goals would never end. I would continue killing myself for the rest of my life trying to crush these goals that weren’t “real”. I mean “real” in the sense of fulfillment. The goals could produce physical rewards, but none would ever fill that bucket.

The real reward is NOW. Right now. This sec. Can you be in this moment, with your body and mind, and just be. Can you create enough silence in your mind to hear your true self? My true self wants to be heard. The universe is helping me prepare my message. The podcast is my tool for growth.

The podcast is teaching me how to be in the moment with some pretty righteous people from all walks of life. It’s hard. To give yourself fully to someone you don’t know, and to have an authentic conversation, where you show the other person who you truly are. No judging, just connection, and flow. These are some of the best conversations I’ve ever had. I really hope you enjoy them. There is no particular order, just find one that you like and binge the rest.

Life is not about how much you obtain, it’s about how much you learn.


Top 3 Hot Point Takeaways:

  1. Make educated and informed diet decisions.
  2. The Game Changers documentary film is bullshit.
  3. Veganism is barely sustainable without exogenous supplementation.


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Timestamped Show Notes:

00:30 – Introduction

10:00 – He’s like, why don’t we take the scallops entree, the salmon entree, and my favorite, is the octopus tentacle because they roast it, it’s amazing. So why don’t we just put all three on a plate? I’m like, dude, you’re talking my language, load it up. He’s like, no sides, and I said you’re damn right.

20:00 – Obviously FAT A Documentary explains all of that around healthy fats. I wish Game Changers would have explained that better because fats are needed even in a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle. I don’t eat fruit, let me clarify this. There are two pieces of fruit that I eat and they are fatty fruits, avocados, and olives. They’re healthy fats. So they’re not a sugar bomb from Mother Nature.

30:00 – I’ve interviewed the biologists on that too. Again, they don’t talk about this stuff in the Game Changers movie. They keep saying well plant-based proteins are just as good. Well no they are not, it’s not biologically the same. I’ve interviewed the experts, so sorry, this lack of science points drive me nuts. When people just throw the surface level info out there and they don’t back any of it up. They just move on to the next subject.

40:00 – That’s how we got this all started doing this month, two months, three months in crowdfunding fundraising. By pretty much two-three weeks, it was open longer, but I mean, we were ready to rip the lid off for like a good 60 to 90 days. Then as soon as they had enough money, he started hiring the film crew and getting everything in motion for FATDOC.

50:00 – Think about it, if you go back 50 years, just think about how much sugar we actually had in our lifestyle back then. Look at the level of manufactured foods and preserved foods we have today on the shelves in a grocery store. The way my dad brought me up, it was simple eggs and bacon every day. My dad’s now Type II Diabetic, he’s overweight, and he’s on diabetes drugs because he’s forgotten these things.

59:45 – Final Words


Our Final Words of the Show:

Beer is basically all grains, liquid grains. If I drink now, it’s distilled grains, Bourbons and Scotches. So I’m actually not kidding you there. Drinking beer is totally inflammatory. That’s why you see another increase in obesity. Why do you think a lot of heavy heavy beer drinkers might look like they’re pregnant? Now if you drink bourbons and scotches, they are still toxins. Thanks to the distillation process that is used to create and turn grains into alcohol, it removes all of the inflammatory impurities. But yes, you’re still basically straight drinking a sterile poison if that makes sense. Because it’s how the body looks at it anyway.


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