Athleticism, Electro Magnetic Fields, and EMF Rocks

Athleticism, Electro Magnetic Fields, and EMF Rocks on LIVETHEFUEL

Unhealthy EMF Exposure aka Electro Magnetic Fields Negatively Impacting Our Athleticism and Healthy Lifestyle Goals:

Justin Frandson, is an Athleticism Performance Coach and Founder of, and He is the author of Athleticism, Whole Body + Whole Brain = Performance. In his over 25 years, Justin does nerve work for sports performance with amateur and professional athletes in most major sports. He successfully treats concussions quickly. Knowing that everything has a resonance, Justin uses light, sound, frequency and vibration to facilitate healing and performance. About a decade ago he saw his athletes breaking down from wearable technology and looked to nature to solve this man-made, electricity and EMF challenge. His EMF Rocks Grounding Bags are sold at doctor clinics across the country, The Grounding Bags are the leading natural protection for helping people co-exist with EMF’s and get a deeper sleep.


Today’s Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. Understanding EMF and it’s impacts on our health.
  2. Earthing aka Grounding
  3. Natural minerals like magnetic, Tesla crystals.


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Timestamped Show Notes:

07:45 – Many of us do not understand physics, we as a population have not been taught about it. So that’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna just give everyone something that they can chew on that’s palatable, and really simplify this topic of invisible waveforms, known as EMF.

10:45 – That’s a scalar wave framework for the entire planet, our resonance, our electromagnetic field through piezo, electric thermal dynamics, our energy in our body, it doesn’t just shoot off my right shoulder to the right in a straight line. Though it’s six foot, they got the gig got us right on that one. And then, but it’s a resonance that goes all around us. That’s a scalar wave. All non-native manmade electromagnetic fields or frequencies are one directional waveforms, or they don’t work, right.

16:20 – That’s what EMF stressors do for our body battery. So at the cellular level, it’s breaking down your electromagnetic resonance, and then dehydrates us too because it’s 2.45 billion waves per second. It’s the level of destructuring water. That’s a lot of bombardment! That’ll chip anyone away over time. I am dumbfounded to see that these professionals, like the NFL or MBA, their arenas, they’re getting bought out and sold and getting strapped with 5g this, 5g that. They’re zapping these athletes and are making crappy decisions. When these guys are machines, they never make mistakes, and then they’re getting hurt due to these impacts.

24:00 – Once I saw the athletes breaking down, I wrote a book on Athleticism. The first section talks about awareness and all of the pillars for health. That’s where I kind of dove into this EMF space in a in a big way. About a decade ago, I started looking into it and I found another person’s product. They were using crystals with copper and it tested well at first. So I started learning about that whole concept of looking to the earth because those crystals add a resonance. I had a doctor approach me because I started testing homes in Newport Beach and surrounding areas and got a reputation for clearing houses. He basically said, hey, what are you using? I’m like, I’m using this product. I’m like, Well, what are you using? He said, I’m using these, these crystals, these rocks, these EMF Rocks.

31:15 – We call them brainwave states, when you’re in a delta theta brainwave state, you’re sleeping. Those are your brainwave states, low and slow. It’s a longer slower wavelength state, we’ve tested this, it’s just common fact. So this is the woo-woo part coming in, factual, and we tested this as one or below one to eight hertz or waves per second. That’s when you’re in a delta theta brainwave state, when our athletes are in the flow, you’re in the zone. You’re in flow state when your eight to twelve or thirteen hertz, or waves per second. That’s the speed of your brainwave state. Now, the cell phones will ping at 2.45 billion waves per second of a one directional wave form, which isn’t good, when you’re supposed to be sleeping at one to eight. So what happens is our brain goes into a twilight sleep, so we don’t ever get into that deep restorative sleep. 

41:20 – The mini bag of EMF Rocks option is for the on-the-go protection. So that’s for hotels, for cycling, for a pocket, purse or backpack. When you’re cycling, if the phone is on someone, they can maybe put it in the Faraday bag, then it wouldn’t have radiation on them directly. But they could have a mini bag of EMF Rocks in their jersey pocket too. Then it’s going to create that coherence between any waveforms that are kicking off.

51:10 – Final Words


Our Final Words of the Show:

Stop living in fear everyone, please get back to getting connected to the resonance of the earth. Because getting grounded by nature is the single most important pillar for health. It’s free. There’s not a virus flying around to kill anyone. It’s our adaptive system. So stop worrying about being sick or anyone else getting sick. Take care of yourself by getting connected and grounded by nature, and feeding your body with chemical free food and hydration. It’s that simple. 


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