800 lb Gorilla Warfare for Businesses with Carl Utter

Who does the 800 lb Gorilla do business with?!:

Answer – Whomever they want to!

Carl Utter is the trainer-coach and creator of the 800 lb. Gorilla growth system. The 800 lb. Gorilla may have started out small but grew over time to become the pack leader. As the alpha the 800 lb. Gorilla will generate More Leads – Sell More Deals – and put more Money in the Bank.

Imagine waking up. You check your financial dashboard. A smile comes across your face, as you realize you just had your best month ever in business- AGAIN. Your calendar is full of great prospecting who want to hire you. You find you’re closing 50% or higher of all inquiries and you have 6 months’ worth of expensed banked in your profit account.

Quote: If you’re telling you aint selling…shut up, open your ears and really learn to listen deeply to not only what people are saying…but what they are not saying…

If you’re going to be in business… why not be the biggest, baldest, most feared provider of the services you offer. The 800 lb. gorilla training and coaching program have been turning out results just like this for the last 20 years. You don’t need to struggle when you know how it’s done.

Top 3 Hot Point Takeaways:

  1. Sales Training and Execution
  2. Treat people like people
  3. Go for the Shock Factor

Today’s Resource Links from the Podcast:

  • www.carlswayworks.com

Timestamped Show Notes:

  • 00:30: Introduction
  • 10:00: There are three different exercises we do. Another one is we make them create a commercial. There’s one where we make them do a public service announcement and a commercial another one we make them we have, we make them pick the pros and cons of a debate, you know, so just various needs. They’re all integration exercises designed to tell you take that learning tool, a little deeper level. We always pick out the straightest, most uptight person to do the rap song.
  • 15:00: I want to see how they respond, a stimulus response. So I will use the shock factor and then I’ll just sort of get kind of quiet and see who sees, and who’s sort of gone inside. See where the smoke is starting to come out of the ears.
  • 21:30: Your reputation today is transparent, especially like Google reviews and Yelp. Things like Angie’s List, if you get two to three bad reviews, aka your stars… with contractors, you can go online and you can see what everybody’s experiences with that time.
  • 30:00: That’s like sitting on a webinar, people who run these three to five hour webinars, well I’ve already tuned you out after 20 minutes. Sure, that may depend on the person’s ability to acquire knowledge too.
  • 41:00: Many times that sales course is part of a much bigger entrepreneurial call to make sales and marketing. It’s not a specialist teaching that class.
  • 50:00: There’s only one thing worse in training somebody and that is having that person take that skill with them to another company and leaving.
  • 51:25: Final Words

Our Final Words of the Show:

If you fail to learn, you’re learning to fail.

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