298: Brain Food, Better Brains, and Natural Stacks

298: Brain Food, Better Brains, and Natural Stacks

Time to Build Better Brains, Natural Stacks, Brain Food, and more with Roy Krebs:

Roy Krebs is the co-founder and CEO of NaturalStacks, an open-source supplement company that helps consumers improve mood, memory, and focus through targeted brain health products. Together with his team at NaturalStacks, Roy is on a mission to build a billion better brains!

Roy is a lifelong athlete who started researching natural ways to improve brain health and performance after watching his grandfather suffer from cognitive decline. Uncomfortable with the “shotgun approach” of proprietary nootropic blends, and dissatisfied with the ineffectiveness of stand-alone herbal ingredients, Roy co-founded NaturalStacks to help people achieve the highest level of mental performance by providing natural solutions that work.

Roy is passionate about transparency, especially with regards to ingredients and labeling, and he incorporates that transparency into Natural Stacks’ philosophy as a company and as an honest resource for health-focused consumers looking for optimized health and performance (both body and mind).


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On This Episode You Will Hear:

  • [00:30] Introduction
  • [10:00] You can do your own health checkup. But you got to get a battery of testing done. Luckily, there’s a lot of services now you get a blood test, a stool test, you can get everything tested. But then you’re looking at money and you’re looking at it really taking a while to just figure out the best way to interpret everything.
  • [20:00] The Braverman Assessment, the same Dr. Braverman of Pathmed. His book in this mindset really kind of changed my life and changed how I view brain health. What he does is he’s just connecting mood mindset and anything brain-related. He’s connecting back to these four main neurotransmitters. So he has this assessment, the Braverman assessment, you can take it and it takes about 20 minutes to complete.
  • [30:00] I kind of consider it like an entry into our brand, or an entry into thinking about brain health. A lot of people are skeptical of taking supplements in general. We noticed that and I wanted to fight against that. So we do make everything fully transparent. So we put all of our ingredient suppliers. We put it all out there, where every ingredient came from.
  • [41:40] I’m gonna start with the basics for sure. Diet is something that most people don’t get. The keto thing is obviously hot right now. It does have real benefits. I don’t think it’s for everyone.
  • [52:00] You have got to get your sleep. That’s kind of what the first thing is because if you don’t sleep enough, and you don’t get high-quality sleep, you’re a zombie the next day. Some people kind of get used to that and they’re walking around like zombies.
  • [01:02:00] Final Words


Final Words:

This is something that stuck with me for a long time, from when I was traveling in South America in 2007. I spent a couple of months traveling around and I was in the backseat of a bus in Bolivia. This white guy, very kind of rough-looking guy, you can tell he’d been there for a while, he comes off the bus. I’m like, jeez, what is this? What’s this guy doing? I’m just like this tourist guy and he’s just in it. I hear him tell the story that he was going to buy it. He’s traveling like six hours to buy a new teapot.

It really says something for the simple things in life. That got him going. He then went into this whole story on every problem comes with opportunities, and how he just got stuck down there for some reason. I didn’t ask questions, but he did make a huge opportunity of it. He now grows organic produce on his farm and he’s really loving his life down there. I took that with me, that and other people have said this statement that with every problem, there’s an opportunity.


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