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010: NSNG & Eat Happy with Anna Vocino

Episode 010 of LIVETHEFUEL Eat Happy & NSNG with Anna Vocino (1)

Good day ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another episode of the LIVETHEFUEL Show. Today’s co-host is from California, she is the voice of Thursday Nights on ABC, a stand up comic, and now a author of a new cookbook.  Further accolades include the regular podcast co-host of “Fitness Confidential” with Vinnie Tortorich (One of my top favorite podcasts), a professional voice over artist (she’s the intro and outro voice of this show), a fellow lifestyle promoter of NSNG (No Sugars, No Grains), and now author of the “Eat Happy Cook Book” just to name a few. Welcome to the LIVETHEFUEL show, Anna Vocino!


NSNG - Eat Happy By Anna Vocino

On This Episode You Will Hear:

  • [1:18] The voice behind LIVETHEFUEL intro/outro and the voice, Don Lefontaine
  • [2:36] Keeping your intro copy short, long intro’s just turn off your listeners
  • [4:23] Skipping through the AD’s
  • [8:18] Eat Happy – the digital version and audio books
  • [11:22] People think when you are super healthy you cannot do a lot with food, it is all about adding herbs, spices and seasons. The fat is the conduit for carrying that flavor.
  • [12:03]Eggs being the perfect food, Villa Cappelli olive oil and taking a shot of olive oil every morning
  • [14:08] NSNG – No Sugars Grains message
  • [18:37] You got time to clip coupons? You got time to read labels of what you are buying
  • [20:07] You can’t adopt all the children, meaning you cannot help everyone
  • [21:10] The Four Hour vs. The Bulletproof
  • [22:58]Bio-hacking and the “23 and me” test
  • [26:59] Who’s going to eat well all the time?
  • [29:19] Clear vs. brown alcohol, but whiskeys are distilled compared to other liqueur
  • [32:02] Ciroc vodka made from grapes, blue ice vodka is made from potatoes, all the big brand names are made from grains
  • [32:47] Popular snack for Vinny Tortorich, Olives and drinks olive oil while on endurance bike rides
  • [33:39] Olive oil can go rancid very quickly, it is very sensitive to sunlight
  • [34:57] Giving Olive oil as gifts.
  • [36:33] A follow up book about pairings, the majority of all the recipes in the book are Anna Vocino originals
  • [37:56] Hello Fresh vs Blue Apron
  • [40:27] Chicken cauliflower “rice.”
  • [41:28] Coconut oil and almond oil
  • [42:48] Good and bad ways of processing food, undenatured vs denatured processing
  • [45:02] The mystery of inflammation
  • [45:49] I was on joint supplements for five years, I have not been on them for over a year because of cutting out grains from my life
  • [49:06] The Ingredients honor the recipe
  • [50:00] Making desserts for this lifestyle
  • [52:20] Getting my mom to follow the recipe
  • [54:24] Family and friend health issues, you’ve got to reprogram the body and lifestyle
  • [58:34] The book is just one more tool in your health arsenal, this is for a joyful life
  • [59:44] Where to find out more about Anna
  • [60:59] Final Words

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Final Words on NSNG

We make way to much of this. The weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and we are over thinking it. Cut out the Sugars and Grains (NSNG). Make that your foundation, just tweak everything else to suit your body. Then move a little and do some exercise.

This is all simple stuff. We all make far too much of it. Don’t over think things. Especially Women, because they are very hard on themselves if they “Cheat” or “Fall off the wagon.” We all get knocked off once in a while. You just got to get back on.

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