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276: Pro MMA Fighter, Trainer, and Knowledge Coach

276: Pro MMA Fighter, Trainer, and Knowledge Coach - Clifford Starks

MMA Fighter Turned Trainer, Coach, and Mindset Buff, Welcome Clifford Starks: I graduated in Kinesiology in 2005 and became a personal trainer. I also became a professional fighter in 2009-2017. It has always been more than just transforming the body though, the mind and spirit play key factors to one’s success. Which I definitely learned…

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202: No Magic Pill Body Transformation with Lydia Hunt

Lydia Hunt’s Amazing, No Magic Pill, Body Transformation:   Catching up with Lydia Hunt of Missouri, helping one of my fellow ISACROSSFITTER community members. Lydia has accomplished an amazing body transformation in just a years time! She’s here to share how there is No Magic Pill. Check out her quick bio: My name is Lydia Hunt. I am…

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106: How to Lose 200 lbs with My Sugar Free Journey

How to Lose 200 lbs with My Sugar Free Journey's Aarn Farmer NSNG and KETO on LIVETHEFUEL

Your Sugar-Free Weight Loss Transformation Co-Host: After turning 40 years old and realizing his health was in serious trouble, our co-host decided to make some changes. He was over 400 lbs and had a blood pressure of 200/160. After some trial and error, Aarn Farmer experimented with not eating sugar, saying no to sugar or grains, and…

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090: Documentary Movie Challenges & Life Transformations

090: Documentary Life Transformations with Niel Guilarte

Your Documentary Movie Lifestyle Transformed: A year ago we met at MAPCON where today’s returning co-host was promoting an upcoming documentary movie called The Messengers. Scott interviewed Niel because he was looking to lose 100 lbs for a major lifestyle transformation as well. Since then the film has been shot and edited over the past ten months.…

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051: Your Mitochondria & Biohacking with Dr. Jack Kruse

051- Your Mitochondria & Biohacking with Dr. Jack Kruse on LIVETHEFUEL

Mitochondria with a Neurosurgeon Co-Host: It’s time to take it back and reconnect to nature. Remove ourselves from our devices and take care of one of the most important surface areas on our bodies. Our eyes. Opening our eyes to a whole new world is today’s co-host, Dr. Jack Kruse. Jack is a Neurosurgeon and an…

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