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160: Taekwondo, Transparency, Authenticity with Stephanie Scheller

Taikwan Do Transparency Authenticity Stephanie Scheller

Today’s Authenticity Co-Host, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Coach, Black Belt, and Trainer: Stephanie Scheller may be young but she is an accomplished speaker and has worked with more than 600 businesses and thousands of individuals on their sales, marketing, and systems in the past five years! She is a TEDx speaker, a Forbes 30 under 30 nominee, a…

071: Diversity Speaker Tayo Rockson from TEDx and MAPCON

071 Diversity Speaker Tayo Rockson TEDx MAPCON

Diversity Speaker and Social Justice Co-Host: Tayo Rockson and I catch up on his mission to improve the cross-cultural relations in the business world. We catch up on his diversity talks, his recent TEDx public speaking achievement and reconnect since our meeting at the Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference in 2016. Tayo is a podcaster, keynote speaker, and…

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048: Paying Yourself Profit First with Mike Michalowicz

048- Paying Yourself Profit First with Michael Michalowicz on LIVETHEFUEL

Profit First Accounting and Paying Yourself: This episode is about stepping out of your comfort zone and flipping your finances and accounting on its head. In business we have been following the same formula for generations, Sales-Expenses=Profit. This means profit comes last, which ultimately means you come last. It is time to flip that formula…

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003: Rock Out Strong Marketing with Chris Mulvaney

003 Strong Chris Mulvaney

All right Ladies and Gents, welcome to our third episode of the LIVETHEFUEL show. Part of my goal is for us to be truthful and transparency while we balance health, business, and lifestyle. Please note that a couple of F-Bomb explicit’s do appear during this episode.  I’m doing my best to keep this clean, but will…

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