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219: Creating Healthy Food Islands Part 2 with Erin Sparrold

219: Creating Healthy Food Islands Part 2 with Erin Sparrold

Helping You Understand Why To Create Healthy Food Islands:   Food Islands? Healthy or not so healthy, today we dig into ways for you to improve your healthy eating throughout the day. It doesn’t need to be a four course, gourmet meal to FUEL yourself. Erin Sparrold, CN METS I, is a Sports Nutritionist with a…

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159: Food Anxiety, Lists, and Life Balance with Single Mom Erin Sparrold

Food Anxiety Lists Life Balance Single Mom Erin Sparrold

Food Lists and Having Food Anxiety With Regular Co-Host, Sports Nutritionist Co-Host: Today’s co-host is a foodie Sports Nutritionist that lives as a single mom foodie. She brings a lot of value to our audience around nutrition and healthy lifestyle encouragement, with a specialization in sports. All of this happens so she can talk to…

086: AHA, Coconut Oil, & Fat with Erin Sparrold, CN, MET

086 AHA Coconut Oil Fat Erin Sparrold CN MET

Our Sports Nutritionist Co-Host Helps Address the AHA and Coconut Oil: With the AHA publishing incorrect health guidance on Coconut Oil and Saturate Fat, our regular co-host Erin Sparrold returns! She’s a Sports Nutritionist with Mind of the Athlete and knows her body fuel!     On This Episode You Will Hear:  Welcome back Erin…

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038: 2017 Nutrition Balance with Erin Sparrold

038 2017 Nutrition Balance with Erin Sparrold on LIVETHEFUEL

Nutrition Powered Co-Host for 2017: Over the years we have been bombarded with fear-based messaging around nutrition and misinformation about body image. It’s around this time of year people decide to make fitness goals but begin on a foundation of this wrong information. Leading to poor results coupled with failed goals. Starting with your nutrition…

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