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160: Taekwondo, Transparency, Authenticity with Stephanie Scheller

Taikwan Do Transparency Authenticity Stephanie Scheller

Today’s Authenticity Co-Host, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Coach, Black Belt, and Trainer: Stephanie Scheller may be young but she is an accomplished speaker and has worked with more than 600 businesses and thousands of individuals on their sales, marketing, and systems in the past five years! She is a TEDx speaker, a Forbes 30 under 30 nominee, a…

022: Passion, Purpose, Singularis IT and Semon Dorgam

022: Passion with Purpose Semon Dorgam

Passion with Purpose Co-Host: Finding your passion can happen from getting to a point where we have to stop, look at ourselves and say what am I doing. We need to take stock, make a point to embrace fun and live our life! Most importantly be there for somebody besides ourselves. It took a head…

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017: The Strauser Project Super Dad

Strauser -017-_Strauser_Project_with_Brian_Strauser_on_LIVETHEFUEL

Strauser’s Why: Today we have revisited the same Starbucks as we did in EP016 to bring you this powerful and emotion driven episode. This episode is about the mental game. Building yourself mentally stronger will allow everything else to fall in line in life. Learning to rise above and to be embracing your emotions to…

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