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218: The Low Carb Cardiologist, Boundless Health, and The Diet Doctor Podcast

Podcast 218: The Low Carb Cardiologist, Boundless Health, and The Diet Doctor Podcast

Meet The Low Carb Cardiologist Himself, Dr. Bret Scher MD of The Diet Doctor Podcast:   Dr Bret Scher is a board certified cardiologist in San Diego and runs the website Low Carb Cardiologist site where he has a podcast, a blog, and sees clients for individual consultations. He helps people transform their health outside…

088: The AHA’s Deadly Coconut Oil vs Dr. Jack Wolfson

088 AHA's Deadly Coconut Oil vs Dr. Jack Wolfson

AHA’s false education on Deadly Coconut Oil & Saturated Fat with Dr. Jack Wolfson:  We’ve brought back our co-host from episode 070 on Wheat, Leaky Gut, and Vaccines! Yes, The Paleo Cardiologist author himself, Dr. Jack Wolfson returns to respond to the “deadly”, inflammatory publication on Coconut Oil from the American Heart Association.   On…

087: Dr. Jay on the Inflammatory AHA, Coconut Oil and Sugar

087-The Return of Dr. Anthony Jay on the AHA, Saturated Fat and Sugar

Dr. Estrogeneration Returns on the Inflammatory AHA and Their Attack on Coconut Oil: We welcome back our prior co-host, the Doctor of Estrogeneration, to discuss Coconut Oil. He helps me reflect on the Inflammatory and incorrect education that the AHA recently published around the amazing Coconut and Saturate Fats. The American Heart Association has a social…

086: AHA, Coconut Oil, & Fat with Erin Sparrold, CN, MET

086 AHA Coconut Oil Fat Erin Sparrold CN MET

Our Sports Nutritionist Co-Host Helps Address the AHA and Coconut Oil: With the AHA publishing incorrect health guidance on Coconut Oil and Saturate Fat, our regular co-host Erin Sparrold returns! She’s a Sports Nutritionist with Mind of the Athlete and knows her body fuel!     On This Episode You Will Hear:  Welcome back Erin…

072: Estrogenics, Chagrin & Tonic, Estrogeneration with author Dr. Jay

072 Estrogenics Chagrin Tonic Anthony G Jay PHD LIVETHEFUEL

Estrogenics and your Estrogeneration Co-Host, Dr. Jay: Our latest co-host is the highly knowledgeable author of Book 1 from the Chagrin & Tonic series known as Estrogeneration. Besides being quite knowledgeable on Estrogenics, Dr. Jay is also the founder and president of the AJ Consulting Company in Delaware, USA. Dr. Jay earned a B.A. with…