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110: Lung Collapses, Supplements, and Body Epiphanies Mindset with Brandon Trean

Body Epiphanies from Lung Collapses leading to Natural Supplements and a Resilient Mindset with Brandon Trean of Boise Wellness

Our Body Epiphanies & Resilient Mindset Co-Host: Brandon Trean was homeschooled most of his entire life by two awesome parents. He had wild health issues from mercury intoxication, to 8 lung collapses (one he almost died from laughing to death and had his life flash before his eyes). A year of throwing up nearly every…

051: Your Mitochondria & Biohacking with Dr. Jack Kruse

051- Your Mitochondria & Biohacking with Dr. Jack Kruse on LIVETHEFUEL

Mitochondria¬†with a Neurosurgeon Co-Host: It’s time to take it back and reconnect to nature. Remove ourselves from our devices and take care of one of the most important surface areas on our bodies. Our eyes. Opening our eyes to a whole new world is today’s co-host, Dr. Jack Kruse. Jack is a Neurosurgeon and an…

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044: Silicon Valley, Cancer, Paleo, Sleep with Kevin Cottrell

Sleep focused, Paleo fed co-hosting: The key to fitness, health and wellness are sleep. With poor sleep comes poor foundations. With poor foundations, we cannot build. Everything will come crashing down. People through time have worn a lack of sleep, due to hustle and getting stuff done, as a badge of honor. It’s time to…