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006: Live from MAPCON Excellence Expected with Mark Asquith

Excellence Expected with Mark Asquith - LIVETHEFUEL

Welcome again to the LIVETHEFUEL show, today we are live from #MAPCON (Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference), just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania experiencing Excellence Expected! (Note: If you hear any background noise we recording live from the after party and  while a wedding let out and joined in on the fun as well..)

Sometimes we don’t expect enough of ourselves. We hide until things are perfect, that’s a fool’s game. You are better than you think you are. This is the thought of today’s Co-Host.

Today’s guest runs multiple businesses, founder of small business Podcast Excellence Expected and co-founder of PodcastWebsites.com with John Lee Dumas where podcasting is kept simple. This very platform is where my podcast was launched. He has flown all the way from the United Kingdom to be here at #MAPCON 2016, he is Mark Asquith.

This is a great episode where we talk about working out while travelling, personal branding, keeping balanced and expecting more from yourself.

On This Excellence Expected Episode You Will Hear:

  • [1:12] Ambience and explicit nature
  • [4:50] Illegal vodka and Polish Bison
  • [7:39]
  • [10:25] Podcasting in the US vs UK, embracing the new
  • [12:18] SEED Round definition
  • [14:29] Raising awareness for Veterans that suffer from PTSD, Shoulder injury’s and working out with travel heavy lifestyle
  • [22:46] Resistance bands
  • [24:06] Controlling your personal brand and building relationships with your audience
  • [29:08] Giving the right solution to the right problem at the right time & whats your time worth.
  • [32:27] Investing in yourself and saving you time
  • [35:03] Mark’s values and where Excellence-Expected came from
  • [37:49] Optimizing you and keeping yourself balanced
  • [40:39] The more you expect from yourself the more you will excel

Excellence-Expected with Mark Asquith and Scott Mulvaney

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Final Words

The more you expect from yourself the more you will excel. This message is what Mark signs off with at Excellence Expected. You are better than you think are. The first time you do anything will be better than you thought, granted you may still beat yourself up about it but just keep expecting the best from yourself.

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