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234: Hotshots, Book Writing, and Self-Publishing School

234: Hotshots, Book Writing, and Self-Publishing School

Our Part III One-On-One Holiday Episodes, Catching You Up on the Hotshots Book Project:


Scott Mulvaney is your host and founder of the LIVETHEFUEL Podcast Show as well as a former member of the Hotshots world. This show launched September 2016. He’s your CEO aka Chief intrEpid Officer of the LIVETHEFUEL lifestyle brand and FUEL Marketing solutions.

Today’s podcast is a third, back-to-back, one-on-one format. We normally record with guest co-hosts but for this holiday season, Scott wanted to do a few personalized episodes to catch you up on things. So podcasts 232, 233, and 234 are a Thanksgiving Trifecta of shortened podcasts. Each episode is focused on three areas, Thanksgiving Philanthropic Charity efforts, the health of his Calvin The Coonhound, and this episode is about the upcoming Hotshots book.


On This Episode You Will Hear:

  • [00:30] Introduction
  • [01:25] Catching up from podcast 233, Calvin The Coonhound’s bloodwork has returned to 98%!
  • [02:50] Reminder to listen to episode 232 for Thanksgiving Charity and Philanthropic Inspirations.
  • [03:30] Scott becomes an author with Network Magazine.
  • [05:05] Scott speads up his book writing by purchasing membership into the Self-Publishing School online mastermind group. It was time to put $ Skin In The Game!
  • [06:35] Where LIVETHEFUEL came from, it’s Hotshot Wildland Firefighting roots.
  • [07:17] Reflecting on this years’ tragic wildfires in California, the Paradise Fire, Woolsey Fire, and Camp Fire. Hundreds of lives were lost, thousands of homes and structures gone.
  • [08:15] Reflecting on WUI awareness, the Wildland Urban Interface.
  • [10:15] Speaking vs Writing a book with Otter.ai
  • [12:00] App hacks including Otter.ai, Evernote, and Microsoft Word.
  • [12:10] The origins of the upcoming book title. Hotshots are no joke and you’ll learn this in the book. You gotta suck it up, Buttercup!
  • [14:20] Inspiration to share life lessons learned along the Hotshots journey.
  • [15:25] Leaving the cubicle life in the corporate world for pack testing and Subaru minimalism. Rookie to Snookie.
  • [16:20] Getting humble, sup-truck bitches, Integrity, the loss of Dalton Lasater, and situational awareness.
  • [20:00] EAR MUFFS for your kids hear, Shits Hitting The Fan!
  • [21:30] Father inspired work ethic.
  • [22:38] Final Words


“Live The Fired Up Epic Life!”

LIVETHEFUEL – Scott Mulvaney



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Final Words:

I have to embrace the suck, I have to jump over these walls, these hurdles.  I have to let the shit hit the fan and spray all over the place. Then go through the problems of cleaning all of that up because that’s where the lessons in life are going to come from.


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