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198: Peak Performance, Swimming, Dogs, with Athlete, Brian Bergford

198: Peak Performance, Dog Lover, Athlete, Brian Bergford

Bergford Peak Performance, Speaker, Coach, and Fellow Competitive Athlete:


Brain Bergford is a Professional Speaker, Peak Performance Coach, competitive athlete, and the Owner of Bergford Performance Systems. He specializes in helping motivated and athletic CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business owners gain the tools to take their businesses and lives to the next level. Colored by a depth of experience across a variety of disciplines, Brian’s focus is creating the most powerful psychology and mindset possible in his clients.

After graduating with a degree in Psychology from the University of Colorado, Brian spent the next decade mentoring people and helping them master their relationships with their dogs. Out of that grew a clientele who recognized Brian’s ability as a phenomenal personal and business coach and reached out to him because of his expertise in personal development and peak performance.

Brian now coaches high-performing clients, who aren’t afraid to get physical, on how to scale their business and take full reigns as a successful leader. He continually pushes the envelope of potential in all areas of life and inspires others to stretch toward the fullest expression of their personal greatness while loving the journey and inspiring others.


On This Episode You Will Hear:

  • [00:30] Introduction
  • [13:00] Scott’s learning to swim to complete his first triathlon in 4 weeks.
  • [17:00] Geeking out on swimming, USA Swimming, masters athletes, and more.
  • [23:30] Sharing marathon stories, when grandma passes by you.
  • [33:55] Using social media for good. Inspiring others by creating breakthroughs for people.
  • [45:00] Power positive podcasting vs the Negative News Networks.
  • [45:30] Reflecting on 9/11. Powerful shifts, changes in the world, performance, and peak impacting changes in our lives.
  • [53:50] Relating to running, the mindset work, putting in the reps.
  • [1:00:10] The power of committing.
  • [1:01:30] Fears, getting scared, and regret.
  • [1:05:50] Injuries are self-imposed.
  • [1:10:55] Only common men and common women can afford the luxury of excuses.
  • [1:17:00] The Mind Game and can you hear Calvin the Coonhound right now?
  • [1:19:25] Brian and Scott connect on hiking 14ers.
  • [1:26:00] Why are you here in the first place? What is really most important? Only the people with the courage to start, stumble upon the things they wish would never end.
  • [1:32:30] It’s the legacy and the inspiration of what we pass on. Make it something worth passing on, something that comes deep within your spirit.
  • [01:38:00] Final Words




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Final Words:

Brian Bergford wants you to have the courage and the boldness to step up to the plate the next time you need to. The next time that fear shows up, start running towards it, instead of shying away from it. We are all susceptible from time to time. Just stinking face it!


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