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175: FAT A Documentary on Indiegogo with Vinnie Tortorich and Serena Scott Thomas!

Fat A Documentary Indiegogo Vinnie Tortorich and Serena Scott Thomas

A Facebook LIVE Podcast for FAT : A Documentary

The last documentary about fat you’ll ever need to see:


Weight loss expert Vinnie Tortorich and award-winning filmmaker Peter Pardini want you to join their team to make a hard-hitting documentary film that exposes the widespread myths and lies around healthy eating, FAT and weight loss and shows how, in spite of all our good intentions, we go on getting fatter and fatter.

Vinnie Tortorich is a health and fitness expert who has spent almost 40 years showing people how to lose and keep off weight. His book and podcast, titled Fitness Confidential, have helped inspire people to reach their goals. He’s been a personal trainer to people from all walks of life for thirty-seven years and wants Fat: A Documentary to help change lives.

We want you to join us in making a powerful and effective film that creates a paradigm shift in how the world thinks about diet, fat and weight loss. Vinnie Tortorich and world-renowned experts – doctors, scientists, and nutritionists from around the world will participate to discuss how we can turn this ship around.

But to make this documentary, we need your help.

By making a donation, no matter how small, you can put your name on the project and make your voice count. We want to make a film that transcends the average “health documentary.” We want this to positively affect millions of people and be a force for change.


On This Episode You Will Hear:

  • [00:30] Introduction
  • [02:10] Going LIVE with Vinnie and Serena and connecting with Dr. Drew.
  • [06:10] NSNG and not conflating this with the purpose of this FAT: A Documentary.
  • [09:55] Doctors making things up, like how eggs are somehow a 70 on the glycemic scale?! Let’s hold their feet to the fire.
  • [14:10] Telling Dr. Drew to eat more meat and fat.
  • [18:55] Serena clarifies why they aren’t looking for corporate backing for this film. Why we want to do this with the people, for the people, and by the people. This must be a completely unbiased film, welcoming experts from all sides.
  • [24:20] Remaining transparent.
  • [25:55] Scott donates LIVE for the movie souvenir T-Shirt for the FAT: A Documentary. You get a limited-edition”Fat: A Documentary” T-Shirt. This item is exclusive to this $100 level!
  • [30:45] The Magic Pill on Netflix and Serena’s Dr. Crush!
  • [32:30] Learning about the Tazmanian Censored Dr. Gary Fettke, a true health hero.
  • [34:20] The struggles of Professor Timothy Noakes and his struggles in South Africa.
  • [36:00] Dealing with a crazy man. People need to see the truth. Calling out the likes of Dr. Gregor.
  • [36:30] Dr. Oz doesn’t take a stand on anything. He’s the worlds biggest spokesman whore. He’ll say anything.
  • [42:00] Vinnie thanks Scott LIVE on this episode for the data and statistics support for Indiegogo and crowdfunding best practices.
  • [43:15] Vinnie and Scott do a shot of Villa Cappelli Olive Oil LIVE on the air. It’s all about healthy fats!
  • [45:15] The campaign exceeded the initial 10% goal while we were LIVE on this episode.
  • [46:20] Serena reviews all the story behind the souvenir signed Conch shell as one of the Perks of the campaign.
  • [47:30] Vinnie highlights and promotes Courtney from Seattle, an amazing before and after body transformation. She inspired the signed conch shell(s).
  • [48:30] Serena reviews all of the Perks of the campaign.
  • [52:55] Final Words


I want to hold these people’s feet to the fire! – Vinnie Tortorich



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Final Words:

Vinnie and Serena thank us all for our support on this important and healthy initiative. Vinnie can’t thank us all enough. Support FAT: A Documentary!


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FAT A Documentary Indiegogo with Vinnie Tortorich and Serena Scott Thomas

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