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148: The Psychology of Acquiring Clients with Dr. Lizette Ojeda

The Psychology of Acquiring Clients with Dr. Lizette Ojeda

Acquiring Clients with a Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Scientist:

Are you a female coach struggling to acquire clients? Dr. Lizette is a nationally recognized expert on human psychology with over 15 years of experience deconstructing why people do what they do. She is one of the few psychology experts in the industry with a comprehensive background that includes training doctoral-level students, publishing scientific research, and practicing as a licensed psychologist.
Dr. Lizette helps coaches step up with confidence in their zone of genius, get inside their ideal client’s mind, and dominate their niche using proven psychology strategies. She leverages her experiences as a tenured psychology professor; award-winning behavioral scientist, licensed psychologist, and consultant to help women get known as the go-to coach.


On This Episode You Will Hear:


There are two types of coaches… Those that attract clients,
and those that don’t.
 – Dr. Lizette




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Final Words:

Live as if, and then you will.

Embrace that person you want to become. Visualize it, act as if it’s already happening. It will then become easier for you to get there.


The Psychology of Acquiring Clients with Dr. Lizette Ojeda

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