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146: Upping Your Elvis Leadership and Wake Up! with Chris Barez-Brown

Upping Your Elvis Leadership and Wake Up with Chris Barez-Brown

We are learning what it takes for “Upping Your Elvis” with today’s Co-Host helping you Wake Up!:

After starting his career in the army, realizing he was a lover rather than a fighter, he took a u-turn into brand management before immersing himself in the world of innovation and leadership development. Chris’s leadership consultancy, Upping Your Elvis, is inspired by musician and philanthropist Bono’s signature question “who’s Elvis round here?” meaning “who’s the guy that makes things happen?” Upping Your Elvis’ mantra is driven by the belief that everyone has a bit of Elvis inside them, by unleashing this innate human genius the planet will be a more engaged and fulfilling place for everybody.

Chris has spoken at TEDx, inspirational ideas festival The Do Lectures, and the world’s largest leadership event Leadercast, where he also had the honor of interviewing Apples’ co-founder Steve Wozniak live on stage. Chris’s work has featured in media such as The Guardian, The Sunday Times and Fast Company and he writes monthly columns for GQ magazine, Psychologies magazine, The Huffington Post, and British Airways’ Business Life magazine.

With three bestselling books under his belt:

  1. How to Have Kick-Ass ideas
  2. Shine: How to survive and thrive at work
  3. Free! Love your work, love your life

Wake Up! 4th Book Launched!

Chris launched his latest mission Wake Up! Escaping a Life on Autopilot in 2017. Wake Up! the book published in the UK in January 2017 (September 2017 in the USA) alongside Wake Up! the app, with broadcast coverage including The BBC and media such as Cosmopolitan magazine. His books have become best sellers including the title of no 1 best selling business book in the UK. He lives in Dorset, England, with his
family, a sea view, his beloved 35-year-old Land Rover and a selection of paddleboards and guitars.


On This Episode You Will Hear:

  • [00:30] Introduction
  • [03:00] Costa Rica this past year and Chris’ love of surfing and watersports like paddleboarding. Getting out on the sea is a big passion!
  • [11:20] Getting too scripted in life and professionally in business leadership.
  • [28:20] How does autopilot work?
  • [31:50] Circles of Influence and the fact that we’ve never been in a more networked, accessible, and connected world and moment, than like right now!
  • [43:55] Yelp and the fact that we’ve got the technology to work from anywhere nowaday’s.
  • [44:15] The cheapest office space you’ll ever get!
  • [51:10] Final Words


This life is extraordinary!

We have opportunities beyond belief right now! – Chris Barez-Brown




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Final Words:

This life is extraordinary! We have opportunities beyond belief right now! If we only just got to understand, that actually we get caught in these traps just to save energy, and there were some simple things we can do to help us draw together the dots. So that every day, we can shine more brightly, we can meet more amazing people, and have more fun while we are doing it, then that is what “Wake Up” is all about! That is what Chris’ life is about!

Upping Your Elvis Leadership and Wake Up! with Chris Barez-Brown Leadercast Speaker

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